2020 - A Year In Review

2020 has been the most crazy year dominated by pandemic. Our lives changed overnight with sudden lockdown declarations and complete WFH lifestyle. What was considered a mere days of caution has now become our routine. For people with illnesses, this year has been tough with the constant danger of exposure to covid, especially when they are already getting treated in a hospital. Despite this never ending gloomy situation or probably because of that, the focus for many of us has shifted from trivial things to actual priorities - health and family.

2020 - A Year In Review
2020 - A Year In Review

My initial plan for this year was to tick as many bucket list items as possible and write more instead of just reading. By the mid of March, remote working started because of pandemic and with that many of my bucket list items automatically became unattainable, as I couldn't step out. Even with all that going on, I was happy to be home and I tried many weird experiments and new things - polyphasic sleep, learning to draw, home makeover, coding and writing(with many breaks). But soon this year turned awful with family health issues and dealing with those amidst the pandemic. I realized that you don't really have to push yourself to grow up, when the situation demands and when there's no other option, you automatically grow up overnight. It is still quite scary and I am just waiting for things to turn around. 

I tried NaNoWriMo twice in July and November, but I couldn't hold on to them much longer - again because of so many things going on at personal front.  I have also tried coding for quite some time before breaking all streaks - this led to the revival of the tech blog with 42 new posts.

This blog had 50 posts this year including this one, I missed posting thrice because of personal emergencies. I intended to post at least 12 short stories - one per month, but they amounted to 10 stories only.

Hoping the best for 2021 and hopefully the bad days and the pandemic's worst effects end with this year. 



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