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Shillong, Meghalaya : Places to Visit and Things to Do

Out of all the places I have visited in my life, I love Gangtok the most. As I didn't feel that kind of awe ever again, I decided to try North East once more. We have planned our vacation three months prior so that we can get flight tickets at reasonable rates. Our package is from Siang Explorer, Travel Triangle. It costed us 28K for package and 12K for flight tickets for two people for 5 days.
What to pack to Meghalaya? It was foggy, but not rainy in September except for few drizzles. It was sunny and hot in the mornings in Shillong.
Light and comfortable clothes for mornings to keep walking in scorching sun. A jacket/rain coat would be helpful for evenings and if it rains.If you are going for trekking, carry shoes with you.Floaters are very comfortable for the rest of the days as there's water in caves and other places. Carry swimwear - lot of places to get into water.Sunscreen and sunglasses.Raincoat for your bag if you are going to carry DSLR etc.Money. There are enough AT…

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