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The War Of Art - An Excerpt

I am currently reading the book "Elon Musk" by Ashlee Vance. I am so engrossed and inspired by the book - more about this book in later posts. It reminded me of a favorite excerpt from another book "The War Of Art" by Steven Pressfield. So I thought of sharing the excerpt with you. Hope it inspires you :)

Resistance outwits the amateur with the oldest trick in the
book: It uses his own enthusiasm against him. Resistance gets
us to plunge into a project with an overambitious and
unrealistic timetable for its completion. It knows we can’t
sustain that level of intensity. We will hit the wall. We will
The professional, on the other hand, understands delayed
gratification. He is the ant, not the grasshopper; the tortoise,
not the hare.
The professional arms himself with patience, not only to give
the stars time to align in his career, but to keep himself from
flaming out in each individual work. He knows that any job,

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