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How To Sleep Better - Sleeping Tips

Resolutions post was all about focusing and achieving resolutions. However good our intentions can be and however single mindedness we can get to our day to achieve them, some basic things can offset it all. When we feel sleepy or tired or struggle with a migraine, it's difficult to focus on our work. Without getting these right, your daily routine is bound to collapse and before you know, your goals for the year just become bucket list items.

In this post, we will address "sleep". 

Sleep We all know the effects of sleep deprivation on our body. We have been there - headaches, low energy, restlessness and low key anger. Besides the obvious zombie effects, we fail to notice the long term effects of it - poor metabolism leading to weight gain, poor memory, poor concentration, increased risk of diabetes, heart problems and many other health problems.

We often hit the snooze on early morning alarm to catch up more sleep, but we fail to give enough sleep to our body anyway by …

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