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The Thing - That Damn Frickin Thing

We have many things going on in our life. The one top priority item: the most important one for your life and the game changing item, should ideally deserve most of your focus.  But for most of the people, that's not what happens. Because we have these other things going on and "the everyday" to run. We just can't seem to be able to accommodate this top priority item in our busy schedule.

You can't be forgetting the actual game in the pursuit of side quests. But that's what happens and it's actually more like your brain inventing more and more side quests to avoid or escape "The Thing". You just avoid thinking about it, as it just seems to trigger anxiety and panic attack. But you know you can never actually ignore it, it's lurks in the dark shadows of your brain waiting for any thread of thought it can catch and jump into spotlight.

You can tick off a million to-dos, but that damn Thing, still being not done, disturbs you and undermines all…

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