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My journey as a spammer and Reformation

Imagine a thick dense widely spread forest. This forest has about a billion people.
You can discover only a single person among them. Those billion people want to be discovered.
You have a device to catch frequencies and tune out or tune in to particular ones.
So they all start shouting at the top of their voices so that you can hear them and discover them.

Some people shout in meek voices. Your device can't even catch them. Among them, few people have a super amplifier, so even though their voice is low, your device can catch their amplified voice.Few start yelling gibberish loudly. But you hate the gibberish. You tune out the gibberish and rescue your ears.Then a person starts singing opera loudly. You love it and start listening to this person. A week passes by and the opera didn't change at all. It's the same old tune, it's so redundant. You are tired of it.Then you hear this person singing a song with beautiful lyrics - but you don't understand it, because it&…

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