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Crazy Shopping Excuses - Confessions Of A Shopaholic

Heart flutters, butterflies fly high in tummy, brain plays so many dreams, can't sleep, can't eat, restlessness - isss thiss loveee?(Tu hi bata naa, Ahaha..haha) Nope, it's better than that, it's the shopping urge that completely grips your heart, mind and soul. Some people may call it mania. It's the nightmare of every recovering shopaholic(and their family). Like seasonal flu, the idea of buying enters and invades your brain and body, takes you over, out of nowhere - again and again.  Crazy Shopping Excuses - Confessions Of A Shopaholic I have been a shopaholic for most of my life and made a major recovery by quitting shopping for 3+ years, before relapsing and then getting better and now again, I find my freak brain looking at all the shopping sites like a creep. This post is about the excuses, our brains comes up with to be a shopaholic again! I love the movie " Confessions of a shopaholic "(actually more than the book!) and I can relate to it 100%, s

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