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Are You A Creator or A Consumer?

In Stephen King's Misery, the protagonist Paul Sheldon is an author who is held as hostage by his fan Annie Wilkes - till he concludes a plot from her favorite Misery book series(written by Paul)- in a way she likes. That's George Martin's nightmare I guess. But the reason I am talking about this book is because of few lines - which made me put my book down and think hard for quite a while about myself.

When Paul tries to explain Annie the importance of concordance - which basically has indices and cross references of characters of a plot, Annie shows no interest. Paul thinks -

"This was the second time she'd shown not the slightest interest in a trick of the trade that would have held a class of would-be writers spellbound. The reason, he thought, was simplicity itself. Annie Wilkes was the perfect audience, a woman who loved stories without having the slightest interest in the mechanics of making them. She was the embodiment of that Victorian archetype, Constant …

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