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Ask but don't force people to eat

Disclaimer: I am not talking about moms running behind their kids and trying to feed them. That's a different situation altogether - which I wouldn't know how to handle. So this post isn't about that.
The situation I am talking about is when we try to persuade someone-a friend/family member/guest at home to eat more than they can eat or to eat something which they don't want to. I know this sounds as if I have a problem with everything in the world. It sounds as if I am exaggerating. But, let me explain. I know the intention of this may or may not be bad - you want the person to be fed well, you think they aren't eating well enough, you think they are following silly fads and unnecessarily giving up on some foods.I myself used to try persuading my friends/family to eat something. This has been a way of showering our affection and attention on them.
This may not be such a huge problem to most of the people. The worse that can happen to you may be- you are little ful…

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