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35 Signs That You Are Growing Old

Growing old, the dreaded inevitable doomsdays are upon us(at least upon me). Resistance is futile and the only thing we can do is face it like an adult or just put a paper bag over head and lie down(Hitchhiker's style).

"But I am not growing old!" Okay, here are few signs to know if that's really true:

You feel outdated/obsolete in every possible way.You can't relate to the latest music trends(It's all rap in English songs and Punjabi beats in Hindi songs right now).When young new joinees at office, who just graduated, talk about new technologies like Kibana and Grafana, you wonder if it's a new competitor to Dolce and Gabbana.Remember when we thought fashion shows had absurd clothes - they are the daily norm now. Jeans? Who wears jeans unless you want to look like medieval or Renaissance period character wearing breeches? Punk pants and shararas are the trend!Time flies. Always. "Wait, but wasn't I in college just yesterday?" You wonder from…

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