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Open When It's The Day Before You Get To See Me Again - Open When Letters

It's been two months since I posted a open when letter, so here we go(seriously, when are these going to end?). This week's letter is "Open When It's The Day Before You Get To See Me Again"..Phew! (It's as long as macarena)

(There's no escape from OWLs,you guys - oh, OWL is Open When Letter)
Cover/Envelope: On the envelope, I sketched Avatar stick figures(just make them blue) with "I see you" dialogue and a weird looking Gollum(he looks like a creepy guy wearing spectacles)  with "My Precious". Also, present on the cover is a random Mickey Mouse riding a cycle with his backpack(because it's the day before you get to see me..duh).

Okay. This is just some random content I wrote in this letter about how I need to be prepped up for the visit and how he needs to prep up for the journey.


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