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Healthy Cooking and Diet : Options and Tips

As part of my 100 day cooking challenge, I started cooking healthy meals in the last month.

I wanted to include as many veggies as possible in our diet. I also wanted to reduce rice and wheat usage.To achieve this, I modified diet routine as follows
Breakfast: Veggies, fruits and grains/seeds like quinoa, oats, foxtail millets, finger millets/ragi, pearl millets/bajra. Sometimes I would make toasts using whole wheat bread with veggie toppings.Lunch: Brown rice so that it fills tummy fast - so we get to eat less rice. Also brown rice retains the germ and bran, thus providing more nutrition than hand pound or white rice.Dinner: 2-3 rotis with no oil and curry.Deep fries, white rice, white bread, refined sugar are all banned.I tried to include egg occasionally.More leafy veggies are used on everyday basis.I switched to different oils - sesame oil that has high heating point so you would need less oil to cook, mustard oil, extra virgin olive oil for steaming and dressings and coconut oil.…

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