30 Life Lessons From Suits

I have finally watched Suits this year and though it dragged for last seasons, I loved the characters of Harvey, Mike, Jessica and Donna. 

30 Life Lessons From Suits
30 Life Lessons From Suits


"Ever loved someone so much, you would do anything for them? Yeah, well make that someone yourself and do whatever the hell you want"

Here are few lessons from the series:

  1. Integrity is everything.
  2. You can afford to be arrogant if you are irreplaceable, but you may have to pay up for it someday.
  3. There's nothing like a dead end, you still have lot many options/choices to get out of any situation - "pull out a bigger gun, call their bluff or do one of another 146 another things". When you are backed against the wall, break the God damn thing down.
  4. Don't build your life on lies, past catches up to you, when you least expect it.
  5. You can have the strongest determination, yet not make it big, yet not be good enough.
  6. At the end of the day, everyone will prioritize their own agenda and when the situation arises, even the best people of your life won't hesitate to kick you down.
  7. Loyalty is a two way street.
  8. First impressions matter.
  9. Throw in a worthless idea first, before hitting with the actual idea.
  10. Don't threaten what you can't handle.
  11. Don't ask questions for which you don't know the answers(in lawyer-ing/negotiating context).
  12. Go offensive.
  13. Always aim high.
  14. Don't try to lose small, win big.
  15. Stick with people who have always got your back.
  16. Don't play the odds, play the man.
  17. Better to ask for forgiveness, than to beg for permission.
  18. Know everything. Do your homework. Do thorough research. Be ready for the cut-throat competition.
  19. Get rid of the anchors - people who bring you or hold you down.
  20. Fake it till you make it.
  21. Keep calm, even and especially in tough situations.
  22. Don't have dreams, instead have goals.
  23. Do whatever has to be done to get things done.
  24. Appearances are important. Dress up.
  25. Mentorship still works and is invaluable.
  26. Don't be afraid or egoistic to ask for help.
  27. Apologize when necessary.
  28. Kobayashi Maru - win a no win situation by rewriting the rules.
  29. "If you want to make a man take off his coat, you don't blow it off. You make him feel warm and he will take it off on his own."
  30. You have to suck it up sometimes. "If you can't even pretend to bend a knee to your rivals, it doesn't matter what you do to get ahead of them."

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