Bucket List : Ideas and Inspiration

Everyone has a bucket list or something close to it - an unofficial wish list, "Before I Die" list. Being a list enthusiast, it's obvious that I have a huge bucket list meticulously written, revised, updated, re-written over years. Following are some ideas which I have already ticked off from my bucket list.

Some of them were not pre-meditated, but got done because of several reasons, so this list will also have things which are just "been there, done that". For example, elephant ride was never my thing, but I did it.
Some are very old items which are nothing special in today's world. For example, being on a flight was new to me back in childhood.

Bucket List Ideas
Bucket List Ideas

Places and Related:

  1. Leh, Ladakh : The most beautiful place I have ever visited with Khardungla, Pangong Tso, Chang La, Hunder sand dunes.

  2. Be in two places at a time, Meghalaya/Assam : On our way from Assam airport to Meghalaya, the road had Assam on one side and Meghalaya on the other.

  3. Walk on a living root bridge, which is a bridge weaved from roots of trees. Nongriath, Meghalaya has many and I got to walk even on a double deckered living root bridge.

  4. Walk on a suspension bridge : This may seem easy, but as someone with phobia for heights, walking over flimsy bridges at Meghalaya was a big deal.

  5. Stand above the height of clouds : Nohkalikai waterfalls, Meghalaya , the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen.

  6. Camping : Did this at Nubra Valley. Unfortunately it was cloudy and I missed the star gazing in one of the least light polluted places of the world.

  7. Trekking: Did it twice - Kudremukh,Karnataka and Nongriat, Meghalaya crossing the above mentioned suspension bridges and living root bridges.
  8. Snow: Finally, I saw snow last year in Leh.

  9. Visit a different country : Thailand.

  10. Get drenched completely under waterfalls : Kudremukh falls and Double decker bridge falls.
  11. Visit border places of the country: Nathula pass - China border, Dawki - Bangladesh border.

  12. Caves : Awrah and Masmai caves, Meghalaya.


  1. Cruise.
  2. Jet ski.
  3. Speed boat.
  4. Canoe.
  5. Ferris wheel. Been on it only twice in my life.
  6. Cable car. Damn scary again because of my phobia.
  7. House boat. Beautiful stay at Alleppey, Kerala.
  8. Helicopter. Surprise birthday gift, where I held on to the seat and shot photos closing my eyes.
  9. Elephant.
  10. Yak.
  11. Flight.


  1. Alcohol: I have tried vodka, beer, scotch whiskey, red wine. Unfortunately I didn't like anything.
  2. While we are at alcohol, I am gonna include smoking too : Tried cigarette and beedi/chutta. Meh.
  3. Drinks : Bubble tea, matcha tea, Turkish chai.
  4. Food : Kimchi, Roasted marshmallows, Thupka, ratatouille, sushi.
  5. Meenakshi paan : with some extra ingredients that made me giddy.
  6. Restaurants : This won't make sense here, but I have a huge list from within my city.


  1. Underwater walk : Coral Island, Thailand.
  2. Fish pedicure : nice and also stressful!
  3. Finish 10K run : successfully did it and came second...from last.
  4. Attend a concert : Been to six so far.
  5. Watch AR Rahman perform live.
  6. Attend comic con: Twice, not much entertaining in Hyderabad.
  7. Read 100 books : Read 197 so far, close to next bucket list goal of reading 200.
  8. Read 52 books in a year : Did it in 2019!
  9. Start a blog. I had other blogs, but this one has been consistent since 2017.
  10. Write a book. Did it twice for Nanowrimo 2018 and 2019.
  11. See 10 lakh rupees(1 million) in account. This may be easy for many, but as a spendthrift for most of my life, it was a big deal.
  12. Hit x salary. I had some target which is again a very low bar for many, but I finally hit it.
  13. Get paid from a different source other than job. So I started several things, but got paid from a source which was more like an unexpected thing. It's just peanuts, but I am glad that I got paid in the first place :D
  14. Dance in the rain.
  15. Dance in the street. (Rain and street both are one event - it was dark and pouring, no one could see anything, hopefully).
  16. Candle light dinner.
  17. Cook 100 recipes.
  18. Paint a wall.
  19. Go crazy on trampoline.
  20. Sleep under stars - did it so often as a kid at grandma's place.
  21. Be in newspaper - the usual school kids photos.
  22. No shopping on clothes for an year - 3 years and counting, the one exclusion for this is I am allowed to buy at tourism places as I am so FOMO. I bought two tops in these 3 years at couple of tourist places.
  23. Reduce wardrobe to 200(from 250+).
  24. Minsgame - Did it last December, where you throw 1 item on Day 1, 2 on Day 2 and so on till 30 on Day 30.
  25. Grow long hair till butt.
  26. Go on a water slide.
  27. Leave paper boats in rain water.
  28. Pull an all nighter and be awake for 24 hours. Went to a second show movie to make it easy.
  29. Midnight stroll and chai.
  30. Involve in charity. Easiest way is to contribute to the activities done by your company.
  31. Get self portrait drawn.
  32. Wear a weird costume - I wanted to cosplay, but that never happened. The costumes I got myself into are from photo shoots at tourist places : Chinese and Hyderabadi Begum :P
  33. Get hand writing analyzed. I got told that I lack feminine characteristics :P
  34. Get name engraved on rice grain.
  35. Write letter to stranger. Had a pen friend in childhood.
  36. Build a snowman : it was just a pile, but I did my best.
  37. Snow fight.
Hopefully I have added all that I have done. I will update the post if I remember anything missing.
Hope you find some inspiration from this list :)



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