30 Things We Do That Makes Us Question Our Own Sanity

We all do weird things from time to time and when we catch ourselves in the act, we worry and wonder if everything is not quite tight in our heads. Here are few things that makes us question our sanity.

I am not insane, my mother had me tested!
I am not insane, my mother had me tested!

  1. You are wide awake at 3 AM trying to understand the rules of a gerund.
  2. You push the limit more and more just to see what happens - this is how my husband ended up with a tonsured head, "let's cut some more hair and see how it looks." We found the results - you look like Tere Naam ka Salman, the post trauma one and not the extra long hair one.
  3. You chop off your own hair after growing it for several years.
  4. You wake up at 11 PM thinking that it's next day already, walking extra purpose-fully. Your family tells you to stop being creepy and just go back to bed.
  5. You test the limit of your modern devices to see how primitive you can go by baking your own cookies which surprisingly don't have any taste - I mean, it's understandable if something tastes bad, but how do you end up with no-taste cookies(TradeMarked by me here after)?
  6. You just took a medicine, literally after a fraction of second, brain be like - Did I have my meds?
  7. You are fixated about a flying insect's dead body stuck way up on the roof(so I saw this thing flying everywhere, it landed on roof yesterday night and it's still up there, so it's probably dead, it's there to taunt and haunt me).
  8. You forgot what it is to be social and make ooga booga noises when your friends call you up.
  9. You find yourself furiously striding across the room at 2 AM.
  10. You would be lost in some favorite activity that makes you happy and all of a sudden, you flip 180 degrees - Why am I doing this useless thing? What am I doing with my life? What is life? Am I real? What is Higgs Boson?
  11. You are so lost in your own world that it takes some time to process what other people are saying. "What? Whaatt??" You decipher each word as if it's Klingon and try to make sense out of it.
  12. Instead of working, you end up reading how Pringles is less than 50% potato, not quite qualifying as chips at all.
  13. You keep walking into the same room again and again trying to remember what is it you actually want. It's like "Dormamu, I have come to bargain."
  14. You can't see clearly, not because you are blind or short sighted, but because your soul is out there hanging out at Shey Palace. This is similar to Insidious's astral projection.
  15. What is the word you are trying to remember? Insidious? Inception? Interstellar? Insider?
  16. You scribble more just because you have been following the ink's journey in your pen closely, may be you get to finish it today. You need closure.
  17. You lost it and you have uttered the secret code name of your boss in a meeting(Only one out of three is not my confidante, but I am sure she is a nice lady and won't tell on me, sure, no doubt, no doubt).
  18. Here's some hot coffee and may be a cookie to go with it. Now drink up fruity and then have some chips with soda. Yes, a perfectly made menu for a six course snack meal. Try noodles with pickle next. Who knows, may be you will love pineapple on pizza too.
  19. You obsess with a minor skin tear and you pick on the carefully constructed gentle layer of skin, only to cause a fresh wound again - all the while your body be like "Am I a joke to you?"
  20. You just can't understand why your coffee is still not done, staring at it isn't helping - it's not heating up. Why? Oh, yeah, may be, it's because the vessel is on the kitchen top, not on the stove, sure, the stove is lit, but physics demands that the lit stove be in contact with the cooking vessel. 
  21. Did you just throw away the candy and keep the wrapper?
  22. Why don't you just touch this hot vessel? The burn you get from it automatically clears your foggy brain.
  23. You hear a sound in the middle of the night and you act as if you are cool about any breaking in, by casually walking around, all the while sneakily checking the door. What are you trying do here exactly? Put up a brave act for any thieves? Sure, the thieves will all be like - she trots, we quits.
  24. Ooohh color pencils. You wonder if you are Picasso. After an hour - the crime scene looks like the work of a madman : overlapped circles, stars inside circles, pentagons - you have unwittingly summoned Satan, Illuminati and FBI. But they leave after seeing the "art", which they attribute to toddler's doodles.
  25. You plan out your life on paper carefully, but people keep pointing out how it doesn't cover family, career, social life etc. These people are just too naive to understand the brilliance of your vision.
  26. You are just angry, but your brain, the betrayer and the troll, leaks your eyes. In the middle of a drama, you and others end up quite confused as to what is happening.
  27. You get this sudden surge of energy and you work for 16 hours straight making a ton of progress. You wonder if you have turned around you life. For the next one month, your maniac brain absolutely refuses to look at anything that resembles work.
  28. You wonder why you are taking stairs carrying a heavy bag, then you remember - your awkward brain saw a colleague at the far end of the lift lobby and has quickly re-routed you to a road not taken.
  29. You find a weird experiment and try it, though it has no scientific evidence. "If I die, I die."
  30. You are trying to sleep, but you can't stop laughing remembering a meme which you saw yesterday.


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