The Blank Mind : State Of Nothing-ness

Ever felt like you feel nothing at the moment?
Everything is just meh. Nothing seems interesting. Nothing seems disgusting. Nothing seems funny. No seriousness either. Your mind just sits there stubbornly with an indifferent, dispassionate and cold air.
("Despacito" doesn't make it depressed. It's just singing it's own "Back in Black".)
For all purposes, your blank mind's a zombie.

Blank Mind
Blank Mind

Unlike writer's(blogger's) block, where your mind is frantically trying to arrive at a conclusion, the blank mind just doesn't care about arriving at anything - it just swats the few random thoughts that pop up and resumes staring into vacuum.

You try to thrust some context into it and make it care.
But nothing seems to intrude into it's thick sheath. No topic can even tinge the pitch black mind.

Putting together a blank mind and people will only agonize the blank mind - it shrinks itself into a corner like a scared wide eyed pup. It just can't handle all the bombarding information that's being broadcasted at it with deafening sirens and blinding glares.

It's as if it has waited for ages for some background process to complete- which has stopped all the other processes, but forgot about it altogether somehow. (For coders: think Core Dump )

The neurons twitch to get into some action. But the mind just wants the darkness and doesn't allow any spark(synapses).
All the cells in the body hang on waiting for the mind to wake up from the slumber and shake them up - like kids waiting restlessly for their turn in ice-cream line.

All that prevails is a thick blanket of darkness. Cryostasis. Limbo. Comatose state. Blank mind is the universe before the big bang. Shunya. Darkness.

But just like the universe before the big bang is not actually Nothing, blank mind is not Nothing. It's a primordial soup for everything. Soon it's gonna start plodding, walking, running, sprinting and then finally explode itself into a chaos of a zillion thoughts and a labyrinth of a million themes and moods.

But for now, it's blank. A beast in deep sleep. A bored hyper-active kid. A dormant deadly virus. A napping elderly person who has a passion to lecture on everything.
It's in a gravity free state - where all the thoughts, ideas, feelings, yesterday's fears, today's to-dos and tomorrow's hopes are all suspended indefinitely.


PS: I have no idea why, but I imagined blank mind as Alan Rickman with his deadpan expressions, all the while when I wrote this.


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