Gift Ideas for every occasion - Reasonable Budget(Part-2)

Medium and low budget:

This is Part-2 of the Gift Ideas. For Part-1, please click here.

  • Watch/pocket watch:

You can get budget watches in the range of Rs.1800-3000 from fastrack(trendy)/sonata(classic). Titan Raga has some very classic watches.

Sonata watch here
Titan watch here

If you feel medieval, then you can buy a pocket watch which the giftee can place in his/her suit and check time like a wise gentleman/lady.

You can buy the above pocket watch here

  •  Pearls:

I have gifted pearls to many people many times. I always bought them from Mangatrai, where you get 30 to 40% corporate discount. Many of my friends suggested to buy from Charminar area where the price is cheaper. But I am not sure where exactly I can shop in that area, so I kept to Mangatrai. As per my friends, Mangatrai Madhapur is better than any of its other branches.
You can buy pearl sets(ear rings and chain), bracelets, etc.

  • Guitar:

  • Handbag/Wallet/backpack/make up purse:

Backpack link

This wallet is customized with "The secret of Walter Mitty" movie quote.
Wallet link

  • Clothes: 

Saree, T-shirt, dress material, khadi,etc
It's easier to buy stuff for elderly male people, as most of them wear all whites/creams. They are as consistent as Mark Zuckerburg who wears grey tshirts everyday. So you can buy some khadi/lenin material and you are done.
But for the other people who want some colour in their otherwise black and white life and who do SWOT analysis to pick something from their wardrobe standing in front of it everyday,

For GOT Enthusiasts

Minion bed spread

  • Scotch whisky:

Dalmore 12 years

  • Kundan Set:

I got one for my wedding and it's from Mangatrai too.

  • Body care: 

Body shop products/Khadi spa kit/ Archies Deo perfume kit
Body shop products

Khadi spa kit

Khadi spa kit here

  • Cosmetics: 

Literally anything in a Make up kit: eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, etc.

  • Fancy accessories:

Ear rings, chains, sets, any other accessories.

  • Items:

Light fan

Light fan here

Glass rose

Glass candle

Glass shield

  • Mouse pad

Mouse pad here

  • Gadgets:

Power bank


  • Diabetes kit: 

Now you may think that this is a gift, but the giftee may absolutely hate you for unleashing this hell on him/her. Obviously, nobody likes needles. But hey at the end of the day, this is all for the greater good.

  • Kids stuff: 

Colour kit

Colour kit here


Plastic piano with mic here

Barbie doll


Cycle here

Baby care products

  • Books: 

Gift a whole new world.

  • Chocolate boquet/box

  • Crazy stuff:

The thing about crazy items like this is you don't feel like spending your own money on them, because you feel that you are wasting your money on spending on something like that. That's why it's awesome when somebody gifts those crazy items to you.


Ghost pop up box

Weird chocolate duck

Red heart pillow

Creepy sleeping baby

Chinese lady with broken neck

Another sleeping baby

I think I have some mental friends.

  • Silver

GRT is probably the standard store for all kinds of silver artifacts.
Trisa has some good collection of fancy silver jewellery.

  • Greeting card/Mini books

  • Comic book/movie miniatures

Groot here

  • Bean bag

  • Stuffed teddy

I have lots of them

  • Sun glasses

  • Cash  

Last but not the least, you can give them cash. I was a person who earned x and spent 2x. But now, I am a person who still earns x, but can't afford to spend even 0.1x. So you get it, money is useful.

Phew, that was a long list and it's not even the end. DIY and customized gifts in Part-3.
Remember friends, it's all about giving and receiving and sharing and having...and giving..


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