Welcome To Earth, Human - A Short Story

It's been 1000 years since we have claimed the Earth as our home - all for ourselves.

Humans have had their chance on this beautiful planet and pillaged it of all the resources. All that is left by them was garbage strewn land and water, toxic for themselves and every other living being. With utter apathy towards nature and Earth, humans just left this blue planet and found themselves another to destroy. The only good thing about this is  - they finally left, we could make Earth beautiful again. We have been slaving since they all left, to clean up after all the mess created by them.

Of course, we once contributed to this trash, back when we were humans. But when you exist forever, it's easy to see the devastating effects on Earth, caused by the seemingly normal actions of humans. May be humans realize that too now, after moving planets.

Humans were our mojo back when they were here, now it's cleaning up the Earth. None of us remember the tricks of the trade to spook them anymore. Even the most elderly beings from BC era have forgotten it.

Welcome Home, Human
Welcome Home, Human

Humans are coming back. Just last week, there was a man in a hazmat suit. We were used to the usual machine probes which started a century back, but a human was new. Kids are scared. They refuse to sleep in the day, they claim that there's a human under their bed. It's understandable though, even the bravest and the ghastly ones among us are spooked. As per the witnesses, they couldn't believe their senses when a big hazmat suit started walking out of the spaceship. They thought it might be a new machine probe. It didn't take them much time to realize that there's a human behind that mask. They must have noticed that the Earth got clean all by itself. They must have noticed the new life - new species of plants that have sprung up few years back. They are here to arrogantly take back the Earth and claim every thing as theirs to destroy them all ultimately.

Some of us are being quite positive though towards humans re-entry or may be they are being naive. They claim that humans have realized their mistakes and wouldn't repeat them again. Their argument is that even if we set aside the non-existent moral and empathetic attitude of humans towards other living beings, humans must have noticed that it's very expensive to mess with the environment. This has calmed us to some extent, but we still have our doubts. There's a nervous excitement all around. We don't get humans visiting us all the time, after all. May be we can be friends with them. They must have also forgotten our sins of the past where we scared the hell out of them, giving them heart attacks and even possessing many of them.

If they turn back on us or on Earth, we will resume our past trade - to spook them. Though it's a lost knowledge among us, humans themselves have preserved it well enough in their books and movies. Some of them are quite funny instead of being all scary- a guy sparkles, a kid has 666 on head, a lady keeps staring at her asleep husband...I guess, we just have to make the best out of the worst resources. If humans think this is all scary stuff, we are going to do all that scary stuff.

But first, we thought it's sensible to host a welcome party for them. We have used the faded and partially destroyed party decor from the trash, it's funny how plastic could survive all these centuries.

Now we wait.


Man on Earth, NewMars Times

The home of our ancestors, Earth, which had become toxic centuries back, is not just recovering it's atmosphere, but is miraculously getting all clean - as if someone has been manually clearing up all the trash. Scientists have been racking their brains to explain this shocking phenomenon. Machine probes have brought the same evidence time and again. Million viewers have watched the setting of human foot on Earth. We are all holding our breaths for the discoveries done in this exploration...

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