The Insane Aatma(Spirit) Inside Us

Ever feel like you are rocking it all - life, being adult, diet, productivity and all other virtues?
And then for no reason - no reason at all, you have a mental breakdown - your eye twitches, your brain's fuse gets burnt, your system goes for a toss and your rationality goes to a coma.

You would be wondering how it happened. Am I Pinky and not Brain? Deadpool not Spiderman?  Jean Ralphio not Ron Swanson? Am I Zaphod Beeblebrox?

Everyone seem reasonable enough on the outside - a mature adult - perhaps even wise occasionally. But like onion layers, dig deep and there it is - insanity at the core level. It's almost like multiple personality disorder.

The Sane one overthinks, comes up with absolute fool proof strategies,makes to-do lists and pros-cons matrix, imposes discipline and a strict system.
All goes well. Eventually, after about a thousand minutes....

Monkey brain
It's about sending a message Karen
The Insane one raises a rebel mutiny and takes over. It's the lovechild of the satanic chaos and monkey-ish immaturity. It has no goal or no purpose(much like Batman's joker). It just wants to raise mayhem and wants to watch the world burn.
It brings down all that world the sane one has built in a jiffy and shows no remorse whatsoever.

Diet's going well? Too bad, we are going to feast on a ton of sugar and get high.
Too less scandals in this world? Booooring! Gotta make people more cuckoo and impulsive.

For every well thought sane strategy, the Insane one has a thousand non-sensical-insane-impulsive-instant activities that sound so much fun. There's no thinking behind it, these insane ideas just pop up out of nowhere. One minute you will be close to figuring out the meaning of life, universe and everything and the next minute, you would be eating glue sitting in a corner.

(Wait, am I describing Brain vs Heart?! Sounds like that - epiphany in the mid of post)

The sane one thinks about greater good. The insane one laughs at such words.
You just want them to be friends and work together for you. After all, they are part of you.
The insane one is not actually an evil enemy of yours, though it definitely looks like that. It has it's own er..not thought process...may be impulsive process, to make everything right for you. It thinks that you are torturing yourself with all your systems and rationality. When it has had enough, it displaces the sane one and switches on the party mode.

The only solution is - let the insane one take the wheel more regularly. Sounds atrocious? The more you suppress it, the more dangerous and long lasting mutiny it's going to raise. Let the sanity and insanity work together. Your insanity will be your compass for what you actually need. Your sanity will then work on it with it's detailed schemes. That doesn't mean that you go and stuff yourself with pizza everyday, insanity is about addressing the core craving, which is not pizza, but probably stress or sadness.

Your sanity is quite brainy, but it has no imagination and is very restricted with it's own self imposed rules. But the insane one knows no limits and dreams the impossible.

Set your insanity free...probably under little supervision of sanity.



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