What It Takes To Keep The Most Loved One Happy(Short Story)

He didn't love anyone as much as he loved JD. Everything he did was to keep JD happy. He wanted JD to be proud of him. 


He was the next to go. He was so nervous about it that he was holding his knees to stop the trembling.
"What if I just leave? They will move on to the next person and forget about it".
He scanned the exits in that insanely vast conference room filled with about a thousand people.

"This was a totally bad idea. What the hell was I even thinking? All these people are going to laugh at me and my stupid idea"
He felt so inferior and out of place that he shrunk a little in his seat and stooped.

It took 6 months for him to be where he is right now. Six months back- though he would put up an act for the world by being the all-happy-know-it-all guy, he would constantly feel low. He could see that this just killed JD every day - after all JD loved him too. He sensed that JD was slowly being driven to depression. He just wanted to show JD what he can do. But he was so lost on what he should exactly do. He felt so under equipped and clueless.

"If only, there was someone to guide me..that's exactly what I need, people who have been in my place and probably even people who are as clueless as me!"

And that's how he started his hunt for his own tribe of people and after 6 months, he ended up in this room to pitch his idea for investors. During the 6 months, he hated the process of going and meeting people at meetups - most of whom were really not serious about anything and were just cruising through for contacts. He closed the first hour of his calendar for everyone else and brainstormed ideas with JD. JD seemed to be all excited about it, that's what JD likes - creative ideas and execution. JD was tired of the all too familiar & mundane work. He felt better - he would do anything for JD - face any number of rejections.

After a grueling 6 months of filtering through people, organizations, fake investors, elderly retired entrepreneurs who would often suggest to stay put and do nothing, hours of research, brainstorming and the boredom that comes along with these, he was here. And now he wanted to leave.

He got up from his seat sneakily and hurriedly walked towards an exit door and walked out of the room. There was no one. He felt he could breathe again.  He hurried to the parking lot and got into his car. As he was looking for the parking ticket in his wallet, he saw JD's photo in it - and his heart sank.

"How will I ever face JD after this. JD so needed this - this win. This would just drive JD back to depression and I , alone, would be the cause of it."
"No, I can't afford that - not again. I've come too far to walk backwards now

And with that, he jumped out of his car and rushed through the stairs as the elevators were all busy. He ran into the conference room out of breath as they were calling out for him for the last time. He raised his hand and ran to the stage. All the running made him speak hurriedly in little bursts, but it also took his fear off, as his brain was too busy trying to catch a breath.

He went over his pitch that was practiced over for more than a dozen times - after all, he only had the stage for five minutes.

It was done. It was over. JD would be proud of him even if he doesn't win. He did it. He was so happy because of the high that five minute pitch on stage has given him.

It was the end of the five day event and it was about time to announce the winners - who would get not just investment, but also get into the vast and exclusive network which only a well experienced investor can have.

"And the winner is - ", the chief guest who was the CEO of a big company was opening the envelope that disclosed the winner's name, " - Mr. JD"


Show and prove it to yourself through small wins.
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