What I Learnt From A Week Of WFH

So, like most of the people, because of Coronavirus, I am WFH since a week. Though many people are hating the entire social distancing thing, I am loving it. This is what I have learnt from my WFH experience:


  1. My life falls apart without a fixed schedule - sleep cycle, shower, food - everything is disturbed.
  2. I don't hate my work so much now.
  3. I can get more work done in less time.
  4. Having fridge and snacks in a meter's distance is very reassuring.
  5. I can eat a lot within 8 hours.
  6. No one in my family can leave each other alone without dissing.
  7. It's little hot not being in AC.
  8. My back hurts a little because of my stupid chair.
  9. You being in office provides more sense of control to your boss and more freedom to you from the frequent pings of the boss.
  10. I can read books and watch movies openly when I don't have work.
  11. Blink and the chips are gone.
  12. Snacks need to be safeguarded from the evil demons of the family.
  13. Working in pyjamas is very relaxing.
  14. TV gets no rest.
  15. Why am I dehydrated all the time?
  16. You get to see the actual "busy" work of your spouse.
  17. Lunch dates with spouse have never been so easy.
  18. You realize how much dust each and everything at home has accumulated.
  19. Contagion and Virus movies are good to watch at this time.
  20. I can't survive a zombie apocalypse - looking at the rate at which I consume food.
  21. I look like a homeless person with unkempt hair and like a drug addict because of no kohl.
  22. Life is good without any gossips and office politics.
  23. While introverts(me) live in bliss, extroverts(husband) are in agony feeling suffocated at their own homes.
  24. The urge to nap at noon is way too much.
  25. You can work and do a million things in parallel - dance around, walk furiously, watch TV, yell at your family, stuff your face with food, browse memes on phone, heck..even watch tiktok!
  26. So much time is saved as there's no need to dwell on what dress you're gonna wear today.
  27. No grooming needed ever.
  28. Your parents don't want to distract you because they think that you are saving the world with your code.
  29. You realize you are actually saving the world by staying at home.
  30. You can write your blog late on a Friday.


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