Spontaneity vs Planning - Life Needs Both!

Movies have a lot to do with making the person who plans - a serious studious boring person and this impression has obviously flown to the real world where people with plans are often looked down upon.
To be or Not to be
To be or Not to be
Anyone with deliberate intentions and lists are obviously losers - "Yo old school, just flip the coin already".
Probably the formal language of planning is to blame - "Planning sets direction to otherwise unproductive days and it saves time and resources". See, this doesn't sound cool and thus doesn't appeal to the hipsters.

I may sound like a planning messiah, but as an over thinker Hamlet, I know how easy it is to get lost in trivialities when planning(over-planning) and how the checks on chores may sometimes give a false impression of accomplishment(this is why everything needs to be set levels of priority). But as a procrastinator, a scheduled day and planning are what keep my life boat stay afloat. Without it, I would laze on sofa and check memes or binge watch prime. Yes, I am a crazy lists lady.

Ever stood in crowded places and your feet moved all by themselves because of the crowd pushing you? Sometimes you would get suffocated or thrown out of the direction, you need to go in.
Don't have a plan for yourself? Get pushed and pulled into the worlds plans - be it prime binge watching or someone else's plans that make no sense to you. Planning gives you a chance to actually design your life as you need with minimum distractions.

Planning isn't not living in the moment - it is giving autonomy to something over a zillion things that may pop up and tempt you. In fact, it makes sure that all the distractions are blocked and allows you to actually live in the moment by letting you do whatever you have actually intended to do.

On the other hand, somethings are not meant to be planned - this is where the heart takes control. Over thinking only ruins the moment in these cases - this is when we need to be an opportunist and grab the moment before it's gone.

I go with my heart and that's how I ended up with large human glasses
I go with my heart and that's how I ended up with large human glasses

Freeing up your Sunday completely needs planning of the entire week and being spontaneous with your free time on Sunday is  joyful.

You can be spontaneous even with your grand plans - in fact planning gives you more chances to be spontaneous. Planning basically gives control over many things which cant be accomplished if not for deliberate planning and goal setting. Anything that needs discipline or lot of time to accomplish definitely needs planning. Spontaneity leads to surprises and when they turn out to be good leaves some great memories and happiness. And for the bad surprises and experiences - they make for some great stories!



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