25 Ways To Control Time - Make Time Go Slow and Fast

Who says we can't control time? With these 25 steps, you will be able to control time better than Time itself.
Control Time
Control Time

Make It Slow:

  • Study technical documentation or this post.
  • Attend a lecture by a speaker who has a monotonous voice.
  • Wait for your morning coffee to be ready(while you stare at it without blinking like a psycho).
  • Spend time with people you hate - every second will last for an hour.
  • Be stuck in traffic when you need to pee.
  • Wait for your food order when hungry.
  • Listen to the stuff that happened to your colleague's neighbor's relative's dog.
  • Have 1-1s with your manager.
  • Is it Monday? Congratulations, you have unlocked a new era in your life that's going to last for infinity.
  • Get blood test done - preferably from someone who is bad at it. Is this muscle a nerve? Let me just poke the needle perpendicularly deep into the thin green thingies. 
  • Wait for the never arriving weekend.
  • Is it one of those dark depressing days where your brain won't shut up about the cruel world and pathetic life?
  • Move by a millimeter for every 5 minutes in the queue at Tirupathi.
  • Dream

Make It Fast:

  • Savor your favorite ice-cream while it tries to drown itself in itself to avoid being devoured by you.
  • Spend time with your crush.
  • Finally witness the God at Tirupathi for a fraction of a second.
  • Grow old and time flies at 10X speed. But I just had my birthday few days back, why is it my birthday again? 
  • I just closed my eyes for a minute after snoozing alarm, how is it two hours already?!
  • Weekend! And poof , gone.
  • Where was that childhood again?
  • I just started listening to my favorite songs..and it's been 13 days 9 hours.
  • Project deadline today? Well, today's gonna run faster than Usain Bolt.
  • Summer holidays. Vacations.
  • Day dream.


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