Songs that make the world a better place

These aren't songs that preach peace or happiness. These are songs that are so silly that they fill our hearts with gooey warmth in this one-missile-away-from-WW3-world. They cure depressions. They bring people out of coma.

1. Fruit Salad:

Have you seen five grown up guys all excited in making a simple fruit salad? This song by The Wiggles makes you believe that may be - fruit salads are the best thing in the world.

Now, if the above one sounds childish to you, I present to you Psycho-salad, a mashup of Fruit Salad and Psychosocial by Slipknot. This is the best mashup ever created. BEST-EST. Who knew that the music & lyrics of a  song meant for kids and a metal song sync so well.

Lesson: Make fruit salad, not war.

2. Hot potato:

This is once more a Wiggles song. It has some deep profound lyrics which goes like this:

"Hot potato,Cold spaghetti,Mashed banana"

Just repeat the lines infinite times. And do the wiggle dance for cold spaghetti line.

Lesson: Potatoes are hot.

3. German whistle song:

Look, how happy they are whistling away their problems. Of course the lyrics naturally says if nobody helps us, we will suffer. But hey, they say it all cheerfully.

Lesson: La la la your problems.

4. Akbar:

Meet Akbar. Akbar is funny and doesn't call you names. And, oh, Akbar is corn. Yes, you read the sentence right. Akbar is corn.

Lesson: Don't cook your friend.

5. Maya hee, maya huu, maya hoo, maya ha-ha:

No, not Rihanna's Live your life. I am talking about the original. Unless you speak Romanian, this will seem silly to you. It's catchy as hell and fun.

Lesson: Maya heeeeeee

Honorable Mentions:

1. Tahir Shah's Eye to eye and Angel are masterpieces too with amazing lyrics.
2. Tunak Tunak Tun - Must play all the four Daler's and dance exactly. Can't stop, won't stop.

One more song I want to mention is "Dil dance maare". When I first heard this song, my day which was not going so great turned awesome. Then I watched this song.....of course, it turned even more awesome.

Do you know any such epic songs? Do you believe that the singer was high on drugs?



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