30 Gifts for 30th Birthday - Part 2

This is a continuation post to 30 Gifts for 30th Birthday - Part 1.  As mentioned in previous post, all the gift hints are mentioned in a scroll. I am posting the pic of hints for the gifts mentioned in this post.

Gift hints in scroll

11. Balloon avalanche:

Shower - translates to - balloon shower.

I used the same balloons which were used for hanging photos at 12 AM. The initial idea was to stick a plastic sheet to the door which can hold all the balloons between the door and itself. But as my balloons were already kind of tied together with that thread mesh, I was able to hang the complete bunch of balloons just by a thread on the door nail. When my husband was about to open the door, I have cut the thread making the balloons fall over him and blocking his way out of the room. Also I tied one single balloon separately with some colored thermocol balls inside it. I popped this balloon when he made his way out of the room - after trying couple of times to pop itπŸ˜‘.

balloon avalanche
Balloon avalanche

12. Push-pin map with photos:

Survey the kingdoms he has set foot on- translates to - check out the locations he has visited.

I saw this idea on pinterest where you frame a map and use push-pins to pin the locations you have visited. But just getting such huge frames for India map and World map was expensive and I wasn't even sure if my husband will love it so much. So I just bought thermocol sheets and glued the maps to them. I covered the borders using washi tape to cover up the imperfections of thermocol. Using push-pins, I pinned all locations my husband has visited in his life. I tried to get photos of him at all those places. I hung those photos using a thread from the push-pins.

1. Don't use too many photos, it will look clumsy.
2. Use head pins instead of push-pins. They look better.

Push-pin map
Push-pin map

13.  Candle light royal breakfast:

It's not impossible to prepare more number of items for breakfast if we prepare the ingredients before hand and choose easy to make things like - fresh bread sandwich, grilled sandwich, idly, dosa, utappam, vada, mysore bonda(his favorite), sambar. Chutneys can be prepared the night before- peanut chutney and ginger chutney. Added to this was my upma-cake, kit kats, gems and rasmalai(not home made).

By the way, the candle that was lit went off immediately because of it's defective wick.πŸ˜’

Royal breakfast
Royal breakfast 

14.  Temple:

What is a King to God? - um, this just means that we are going to temple, but this is a reference from some song lyrics - "what's a mob to a king, what's a king to a god, what's a god to a nonbeliever."

I am not spiritual, but my husband is. So I started the day outing by taking him first to Peddamma Talli temple. He has never been there and he had asked me couple of times if we can go there. It was Sep 26th, Tuesday - so I thought there would be no crowd and we can sit in the temple for sometime in peace. But guess what, it was Navaratri - so it was too crowded. Somehow, we stood in the long queue and made it to Darshan. He was really happy to start the day by visiting temple - so, worth it.

15.  Journal

Sharpen your pencil- translates to - get ready to write.

So I have this special journal which I probably bought in college days. It was meant to be filled only with extra-special , over- the-top, insanely awesome moments. But I never did any such things. I had this Walter Mitty moment(except that he goes on adventure and finally fills the book) and decided to give it to my husband. It may just seem like a book. But I had it since all these years and it was like "My Precious" to me.


16. VR Show

Sorcery awaits- translates to - VR show.(City Center)

Well, it may not make much sense now. Read the next one, you will get it.

17. VR headset

Sorcerer's stone is his- translates to - VR headset is his.

After racking my brain for many days on a proper materialistic gift, I was left with these options - Instacam, Google Home, VR headset and some other options which I can't reveal(coz I am planning to gift them next time). Instacam seemed to be just a novelty with very poor resolution pics. My husband was already gifted with Amazon Alexa by his friend. He is not into video games either. So I went with the VR option. As you know, VR is still very basic at this point of time. But I thought that probably some games/ concert videos would at least be great on it. On top of it, IOS has very less options(grr). So I ordered Merge VR which was compatible with both IOS and Android.

Now coming to the outcome, he didn't like it. He didn't like the VR show either. πŸ˜–So in short, I returned it and got him goggles.

VR Headset
VR Headset

18. Fish Spa

Stress buster- translates to - spa..duh.

He asked me several times if we can get a fish spa whenever we visited any mall. So I finally decided to get him one on his birthday. Guess what? Go on, you have seen the pattern so far, you can guess it. Well, the fishes in fish spa at City Center were kind of..fat and big. And there was so much light that there's no way that you can miss even tiny fishes. So my husband was very hesitant and he kept looking else where to avoid looking at the fishes. So this was more like a Stress Inducer than a Stress Buster.

19. Assorted chocolate tastes

Inside Out in few bites- translates to - chocolates in all tastes like all emotions in Inside Out movie.

I wanted this to be like Ugadi pachadi, which has all tastes to signify the importance of all emotions. So I took a piece of Dairy Milk(sweet), Bournville(bitter), Mango pulse(sour and salty), spicy-tangy taffy kind of thing(got it from Ratnadeep). I added some other extra chocolate bites too.

This gift completes the five senses. This was the Taste sense.

Assorted chocolates
Assorted chocolates

20.  Royal Lunch

My idea was to have lunch at Sahib Sindh Sultan which has this royal British railway ambiance. And yet again, destiny has other plans for us. That day, when we entered the restaurant, it was stinking. I am not exaggerating, but we couldn't bear to be inside the restaurant even for few seconds. When we asked the staff why it was stinking so badly, they said that they cleaned the carpets and just stared at us with an expression - "how come you are not leaving yet?". So we came out of that restaurant and my husband used his "Google skills" to select "Flavors of Taj" which was opp to City Center. It was a different story there, we couldn't breathe - no AC. I planned a royal lunch and there my husband was sitting sweating. Again after complaining to the staff couple of times, they moved us to a table where there was a fan nearby. The food was meh.


That's all for this post and as you can see, this set of gifts was the real gist of Inside OutπŸ˜…


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