50 simple habits for healthy body.

Following are some simple and easy enough tips for a healthy body(including healthy skin). I follow these, it took me some time to make them a habit - the results motivated me to keep going.

All for health
All for health

  1. Drink more water. I know, I know, you have heard it a zillion times. But are you doing it? Water is the solution to all problems. Well, almost all.
  2. While you are at it - drinking water, add a table spoon of chia seeds to the bottle whenever you fill the bottle. Chia seeds are a super food having high amount of antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, fiber.
  3. Moisturize. I can't stress enough on this. Growing old? It's high time that you start this to control skin aging. Oils work like a charm.
  4. Can't eat something which is healthy?  
    1. Make a powder out of it and add it to curry masala. e.g: flax seeds, pumpkin seeds.
    2. Add them to soup/dal/paratha/smoothie. e.g: Leafy vegetables.
  5. Use gram flour(besan) instead of soap. Acts as a natural cleanser and scrub. Chemical free.
  6. Eat egg every day in breakfast. Again, I can't stress enough on this. Egg has everything - B12, D, protein. Yes, I know many people hate it's smell. I used to hate egg and I could eat it only with lots of pickle on it to suppress the taste and smell. But with some practice, you will be able to eat it just by adding little salt and pepper. 
  7. B12 & vitamin D deficiencies leads to grey hair, nervous system damage, muscle pain, weak bones, anemia , depression - make sure you get enough amounts of both. If you are a vegetarian/vegan, doctors suggest a B12 shot every 3 months.
  8. Get daily dosage of vitamin C. Easy way is to have lemon+honey with hot water first thing in the morning.
  9. Munch on dry fruits and nuts as a mini meal. Keep them at office desk. 
  10. No time for exercise? 
    1. Take the no lift challenge.
    2. Walk to office if it's nearby.
    3. Take a stroll around office with your team/friends instead of sitting in cafe/pantry and chatting. Talk over walk.
  11. Eat heavy breakfast, okay-ish lunch and less for dinner.
  12. Get enough protein-egg, dal, proteinex - every day.
  13. Increase veggies and fruits intake and decrease the amount of rice. 
  14. Take the no sugar challenge.
  15. Give intermittent fast a try and see if your body can handle it. You can start with an early dinner by 7 and breakfast at 8.
  16. Use spices in food-cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, etc - basically all good old Indian spices. They all have several benefits.
  17. Count calories. You will automatically eat healthy as you will notice the number of calories a small piece of cake has and will make conscious healthy choices. Get a calorie counter app(MyFitnessPal for ios) so that you can easily get carb/protein/fat ratio, nutrition and other details about your diet.
  18. Make probiotics(curd/yogurt) part of your diet. They have good bacteria that help in digestion.
  19. Go for warm/hot water instead of cold. It helps in digestion. It's winter now, so it will help in avoiding throat infections too.It's tempting to have a cold drink with some spicy food. But this results in more tummy fat. So ditch those sodas.
  20. Brush and shower twice.
  21. Go natural. You can use make up or even CC creams once in a while, but for everyday, oils are all you need.
  22.  Bloating or other digestive problems? Chew your food. A lot. This helps not just in digestion but it will make you realize when you are full as it takes time for our brain to realize that we are full.
  23.  Make sure every full meal has some liquid - like soup/sambar/rasam/butter milk.
  24.  Stop eating when you are full. Eating forcefully to not waste food will not magically send food to starving people. The key is to only fill your plate with small portions. If you are in a buffet, just take a spoon of everything, taste everything and then take more portions of whatever you liked.
  25.  A simple thumb rule to eat healthy is to avoid all processed/packed food. 
  26.  Have more protein in breakfast. It will keep you full for more time.
  27.  Switch to olive oil/ghee for cooking.
  28.  Change your pillow case often. That's where your face rests. A good thumb rule will be whenever you wash your hair(every 2-3 days).
  29.  Get anti-glare glasses. They come handy lot of times when we are in front of the laptop for too long and ours eyes are strained.
  30. Never go to bed without removing make up.
  31. Use sunscreen.
  32. Dude, you don't have to touch your face all the time unless your face is melting off.
  33.  Use coconut+olive+castor oil mixture for hair growth.
  34. Get regular health check ups. At least get blood test and find if your hemoglobin and nutrition levels are fine enough.
  35. Don't buy anything unhealthy or processed. Stop the cravings in shopping itself before they find a place in your pantry.
  36. Avoid fries.
  37.  Need a yummy healthy snack? Melt peanut butter(good fat) and add coarsely chopped/ground nuts to it. Freeze this and cut it into bars. You can add flax seeds, cocoa powder, oats/multigrain too. Recipe in detail here.
  38. Switch to black coffee or green tea. It is said that they help in cutting down fat. 
  39. Let the face dry by itself. No need to use a harsh towel to dry it.
  40. Wash your combs often. 
  41. Change brushes, tongue cleaners and combs often.
  42. If are learning how to cook, then don't learn cooking anything unhealthy.
  43. Don't eat out too often.
  44. Don't starve. Being conscious of calories, starving yourself may lead to ulcers. Grab an apple and curb that hunger. 
  45. Have cheat meals or even food marathons once in a while to satisfy your taste buds.
  46. Choose whole wheat - bread, atta,etc. Avoid white bread and refined/all purpose flour(maida).
  47. Avoid starchy foods like potato(I know, this hurts).
  48. Don't have alcohol. They increase your weight.
  49. Rose water is a natural toner and applying it on face leaves it fresh and fragrant.
  50. Sleep. 8-9 hours or even more if your body needs it. If your body doesn't feel rested, you can't be active physically or mentally. Lol, I suck at this. Trying to get better.


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