30 Gifts for 30th Birthday - Part 3

This is a continuation post to 30 Gifts for 30th Birthday - Part 2. Here is the hints snippet from scroll.

30 gifts hints
30 gifts - hints in scroll

21. Lamakaan

Alone time - translates to - peaceful and almost alone time.

For this, I took my husband to Lamakaan. If you don't know what Lamakaan is, it's this big house converted to a place for..um..any kind of meetups/shows. Samosa and chai are also available, but you don't really have to buy anything. You can just visit the place and sit there.

We bought chai-samosa and settled at a table in open space surrounding the house- under tree shade.
Why this place? Read on.

22. Short bio

Ancient history - translates to - my husband's life story so far.

I tried to extract many stories and info about my husband's life before penning them down. Once again, I used the left over wedding cards for this book, as they are thick enough to last long. I glued color papers to the cards and started writing his story as gracefully as the story line would allow.

I left some blank spaces in the book so that I can stick photos later. These are the same photos which were hung from the balloons at 12 AM. So I had to do this very quickly in the morning. For the book cover, I glued more cards together and glued a glitter paper(which was a gift wrapper of a gift which I got) on it. Then I glued some letter stickers to name the book - his own name, of course.

Bio gift cover
Bio cover

Bio gift pages
Bio pages

23. Japanese garden

Down to Earth - translates to - garden.

I have never been to Japanese garden(Jubilee Hills). From the pics, it looked good, so I took my husband there. It was good, but the problem is the moment I saw it, I could hear Munna Bhai's Circuit in my mind saying "yeh tho shuru hothe hai khatam hogaya". It's a very small garden😑

Why garden? Read on!

24. Plant

Responsibility - translates to - responsibility of growing a plant.

I gave him a bamboo plant in a heart shaped pot. We named it Dia💚.

Bamboo plant

25. Dimmy Pan Palace

Refresh - translates to - er..refreshments..

We had all kinds of experiences with Dimmy pans. Once I had Meenakshi pan with something else that made me faint. Yep. So this time, being the shrewd person I am, I got them packed so that we can have it after dinner at home. We also had lime soda - which I liked, but my husband didn't. Of course, this was the day of the series of unfortunate events.

26. Open When You are 30

You don't have to kill the boy in you. - refers to - GOT quote, where Aemon tells Jon Snow to kill the boy in him so that he can raise as a leader/commander.  In general, 30 is considered as the age at which we need to grow very mature and act all serious. Those kind of expectations will only ruin 30th birthday - so that was the message from me to him - you don't have to kill the boy in you, even if you are 30. A more extended version of this same concept was written in a Open When You are 30 letter.

Open when you are 30
Open when you are 30

Open when 30 content
Open when 30 content

Open when 30 content
Open when 30 content

27. Escape Hunt

Lost - translates to - getting lost for an hour.

I took him to Escape Hunt, where you are locked in a room and you need to find clues to make progress in the game and finally find treasure/escape. If you are struck and unable to decode a clue, you can press a buzzer and take help from the Game Master. This was fun. We were just two people, it would have been even better with a team I guess. I thought 60 mins is too much, but trust me, you won't be bored and you will be busy and find that 60 mins is less. After the game was over, you can dress up using detective props and get photographed!

28. Card

Potato face - translates to - a portrait of my husband sketched by me.

Ok, before you think I drew an awesome portrait, NO, it was really potato faced. I just couldn't sketch the face, so I being the smart person I am, I got a black and white printout of the same photo, cut the face and glued it to the remaining portrait. Yeah, it looked pretty weird. Surrounding this portrait, I randomly wrote dates, people names, locations etc dear to him. This was the cover of the card.

Inside card:

Otter pun
Ok, I didn't plan the otter to be creepy. The googly eyes just made it so.

You rock card
You rock!
That's an actual rock from Thailand beach, I picked it up as a souvenir.  I taped it to the card, glued googly eyes to it and drew a smile and body. As you can see, I wrote "You Rock" all around the rock.

Back cover of the card:

Popsicle card
Back cover of the card

On the back side of the card, I taped a popsicle stick and glued colorful thermocol balls on it, with "You are so cool" written under it.

PS: All puns intended.

29. Candle light dinner:

Thank God, this wasn't like the lunch. I took him to The Minar, which is a 100 ft tall tower restaurant and yeah, it was royal! Food was great and ambiance was awesome.

1. If you want to enjoy lake view, go for lunch. You can't see much in the night.
2. The service road is too lonesome and dark. If you can't protect yourself, then may be it's better to get company.

30. Portrait made of 1000+ photos:

The King sees the people, experiences, places and things that made him The King - translates to - portrait that sums up his life so far.

This was from amazon, but you can pretty much get it done at any studio. You would need lot of photos for this for the background and a high resolution photo that will be the portrait made up of these background pics.


Phew!! We have finally come to an end. These were the 30 gifts for my husband's 30th birthday :)

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