30 day challenge : No elevator/lift

Stairs challenge

Disclaimer: If you have any joints/muscle pain or any health issues, please don't take this challenge.

Rules of the challenge:
1. Do not take elevator/lift/escalator. 
2. Take only stairs unless they don't exist.

Why you should take this challenge?
1. To burn calories
2. To activate your brain if you are sleepy.
3. To see if you are fit enough and don't have to take a break for catching breath at 2nd floor itself.
4. To save electricity.
5. To not get crammed in with people in elevators and stop at every floor.

1. Don't focus too much on your effort, it may make it more tiresome.
2. Pull your friends along with you. Talking with them will take your mind off the stairs.
3. Earphones and awesome music helps. 



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