100 reasons why I ....tolerate you

Tomorrow is my first wedding anniversary! I can't believe that it's been an year since I got married.
Yes, you guessed it right, this is going to be a cheesy post. Brace yourselves!
Just kidding. I wrote this list to remind myself why I shouldn't kill my husband.

Dedicated to my husband.

100 reasons why I love you
Silly penguin couple being silly

Dear Psycho, I tolerate you :

  1. For being goofy and silly.
  2. For showing off your weird dance moves which make me laugh later in serious situations.
  3. For long walks and talks.
  4. For being an yardstick in terms of career..I realize how much zeal I lack whenever I look at your dedication.
  5. For the times when we listen to radio(FM) in car together and laugh at stupid ads(emi shine).
  6. I realized that I'm not the most picky person in terms of food. This makes me feel better :D
  7. For living with the weirdest family ever and adjusting well. 
  8. For teaching Amma with patience about ipad etc.
  9. For the ways you rant about me to Amma.
  10. For the ways you try to tell on me to Amma.
  11. For speaking up for me.
  12. For our weird ways of calling each other. People call their partners as honey, darling and all..but we call each other as psycho, path, psychopath, pathu, psychooo, pathpsycho :-|
  13. For the way we still fight like kids beating each other up and running/hiding away.
  14. For GOT discussions and books vs show debates.
  15. I was a spendthrift earlier, now I'm very conscious about the way I spend money. That's because of you instilling that financial perspective in my mind.
  16. I can now light stove by myself. Yay!
  17. I can now cook basic.
  18. For trying to get me on track in my career.
  19. For the weird faces you make with your lips pulled in and teeth showing out.
  20. For stupid PJs.(poor jokes)
  21. For adjusting in the sofa which I completely occupy.
  22. For not taking things too seriously sometimes.
  23. For singing badly.. than me.
  24. For going to great extents to surprise me.
  25. For showing me the world, just because I like it.
  26. For our movie times. 
  27. For being scared of horror movies.
  28. For being scared of being all alone at night.
  29. I can tell you anything..office/personal etc
  30. For being career oriented.
  31. For planning for future.
  32. For your ideas to earn/invest money.
  33. For helping in kitchen.
  34. For being helpful in general to everyone.
  35. For taking care of me whenever I am sick.
  36. For just sitting beside me all the time when I am sick.
  37. For listening patiently to whatever long speeches I give about something.
  38. For your old-new clothes which don't fit you :P
  39. I can be myself with you.
  40. For becoming just another family member - this doesn't happen easily with new families!
  41. For making me laugh.
  42. For fulfilling many things from my bucket list.
  43. For the times you try to make me laugh when I'm trying to be mad at you.
  44. For telling me all your stories(we have become that HIMYM couple who ran out of stories)
  45. For inventing a whole new language saying that you are speaking Hindi. 
  46. For singing insanely wrong lyrics.
  47. For the way you get tired just after doing some work or walking faster.
  48. For gelling so well with Amma to the extent that you two complain about me to each other and discuss me. 
  49. For the way we complain on each other to Amma.
  50. For the innocent helpless face you make when complaining about me.
  51. For telling me your problems and expecting a solution from me...like I know anything. Probably nobody ever placed that much trust even in actual experts.
  52. I used to awkwardly hide behind my mom in social events..now I hide behind you.
  53. For the level of excitement you get about your favorite food.
  54. For the times you dragged me out of the bed pulling me by my feet.
  55. For the times I managed to throw you off the bed for a change.
  56. For letting me help you cross the road(otherwise you would die).
  57. For accepting my face as it is(but pointing a woman's mustache isn't cool).
  58. For being good at directions and helping us not getting lost.
  59. For understanding my troubles and being considerate.
  60. That open-mouthed laughter.
  61. For rasmalais and chocolates.
  62. For not liking chocolates as much as me - no competition there.
  63. For being a practical person...this really helps as I am a dreamy head.
  64. For the way you say "He is still staring at you even though I'm right beside you" and try to claim me when some stranger is staring at me.
  65. For the heights of desperateness for pickle and the way you beg me to let you eat some.
  66. When you say I'm looking good sometimes.
  67. For the way you get scared when I reach for your ear. lol.
  68. For the way we call each other silly names--chunchu mokam, hippo, chimpu.
  69. For clicking selfies with me.
  70. For tolerating my antics.
  71. For the face you make when you taste my bitter black coffee.
  72. For not indulging in gossip and trying to stop it by saying positive things about people who aren't even that dear to you.
  73. For card games--the way you boast when you win and the way you want to cancel the game if you are losing.
  74. Hugs and Cuddles.
  75. Your voice(bad singing though).
  76. For getting the disco bulb.
  77. For DJ nights in room.
  78. For being ambitious.
  79. For not being crooked and having ethics 
  80. For the way you are scared that if you taste alcohol once, you will become addicted.
  81. For being a family man.
  82. For being hygienic(it matters!)
  83. For the way you claim that you did everything after just getting involved in a task in the last minute.
  84. For stopping doing certain things after I complained about them.
  85. For the face you make when I make you watch my favorite movies/videos which you don't enjoy.
  86. For making efforts in relationship.
  87. For the way you take care of all the bookings and deals.
  88. For being social(someone has to be).
  89. For the way we throw water at each other when brushing teeth.
  90. For reading my blog :P
  91. For the evil laugh.
  92. For stupid poses.
  93. For the way we can communicate without words and by making weird sounds.
  94. For pampering me.
  95. I love the way we act all silly to each other. I wish to be like this even when we grow old. 
  96. For taking care of me in general.
  97. For motivating me.
  98. For thinking about me.
  99. For the memories.
  100. For being a witness to my life so far, as quoted in our wedding card :)

PS I tolerate you



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