⁠⁠⁠What to do at a saloon when you have no WiFi

What am I supposed to do now?

  •  Think through a puzzle - "Why does keyboard never sleep?"
  •   Curse yourself for not carrying a book with you always. 
  •  Think about all the things you can do when WiFi is out.
  •  Stare at people around you and make them uncomfortable. Why should it be just you who is uncomfy?
  •  Eavesdrop over other people's conversation and pretend to be Sherlock or NSA or FBI or that creepy neighbor.
  •  Look around and see if you can memorize all the things around you.
  •  Curse the lady who plucked your eyebrows too harshly inside your mind. Curse the entire humanity for having bushy eyebrows.
  •  Why can't I just keep my bushy eyebrows? Why am I not a blonde? 
  • Wonder if they are applying expired products over you.
  •  Is this apron on me washed?
  •  Notice all the products on display and notice how they have been there since forever. Are they just empty containers?
  •  Ahh this feels so good..*breaks bone*.. ugh never mind.
  •  Wait..what is she doing? I have been ignoring the process... did she even do that?
  •  Pretend that I know exactly what is happening to me. For all I know she could just spray some water on my face and pat my cheeks and call it a facial.
  •  Where's my wallet? Is it safe?
  •  Why is it hurting? Wasn't this supposed to be relaxing? 
  •  Get conscious if she is judging you.
  •  When the saloon lady gossips about someone to you..wonder if she does the same with others about you.
  •  Wonder if you will get rashes or pimples because of the chemicals.
  •  Wonder if she is making me wait because it's needed or because she is attending to other clients.
  •  Are they giggling at me? 
  • Is she peeping into my phone? * hides phone*.
  •  Wish if she can stop talking to me and just let me relax.
  •  What do they do with all my hair..Do they just throw it away or make hair extensions out of it?
  • Why am I looking so ugly in these mirrors?
  •  *Stares at a nice decor and wishes to have it.* 
  • Should I quit my job and start a small saloon with some investment?
  •  I don't have to become Dexter to make my dark side happy. I just need to become a saloon lady and pluck someone's eyebrows. 
  • Why is she looking at me oddly..Wait why is she calling other ladies..WTH why are they pointing at me?
  •  Why can't they switch on TV or some music?
  •  Did she wash her hands after giving her pedicure?
  •  I would be going to a branded saloon if only I could afford it.
  •  I should learn home DIYs and stop visiting saloon.
  •  Isn't blow dry bad for hair..But this feels so good.
  •  Will these people get customers at all in rainy season?
  •  Why are they moving me to a different place? Am I not the privileged customer anymore?
  •  Wonder if there are any secret cameras around here.
  •  Her hair is so gorgeous ...Look at my hair, sigh!
  • "Lol! she is crying because she is getting waxed..lol". Saloon lady says you are next. *Shivers*

What do you do? 😀


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