Leonia Resort - Lagoon Bay

My husband and I celebrated our anniversary at Leonia resort, which is nearby Hyderabad(40 kms from our home).
Cabs are easily available as there are lot of colleges nearby Leonia. It will cost around 500-800 rupees by Ola share.

We booked Lagoon Bay, which is a room with private access from patio to a pool. This pool is shared by 18 rooms. But it's almost as good as a private pool. 

We booked it from Goibibo for Rs. 5200 for a day. Other things included in the package were: breakfast, WiFi, outdoor and indoor games, LeoSplash. Make sure you carry your room access card. This is taken as a deposit for any of these activities.

Leonia had 3 restaurants: Sun & Moon, LeoBistro, Water galaxy and a movie theater: Carnival

We requested a corner room to avoid people on either sides. Luckily, the next two rooms from our room were also not occupied. So we had three pool spaces. I felt that the corner room pool space is slightly small compared to other rooms.

The room with wooden ceiling and chandeliers with the pool view looked almost royal. The patio had two chairs and a table by the pool side. Attached to the patio were steps to get into the pool. You can just sit on the patio and rest your legs in the pool. 
Amenities included : tea/coffee(sachets, two mineral water bottles), toiletries(comb, tooth brush/paste, body wash, shampoo,conditioner, shower caps,lotion, fluffy slippers,laundry bag), safe, TV, AC. They gave us extra laundry bags on request to keep our wet clothes from the pool.

We checked in a little early by 1 PM into the room after the booking was confirmed and after having welcome drinks. We had coffee and left the room to explore the resort. It was slightly drizzling at that time. There's an internal free transport bus which can be requested 10 mins before. But we preferred to walk.

We reached outdoor games area first and decided to give it a try. By the way, I suck at any indoor/outdoor game, it's like I have a mind and body coordination problem. We still played basketball and badminton for some time. I was tired by then, so we took a break and visited the Sun and Moon restaurant opposite to it just to get a cold drink. There are hammocks and swings in front of the restaurant. We relaxed for a while. There's also kids play area. After the break we tried tennis which I totally sucked at and then went to explore the resort again.  There were other outdoor games like cricket, snakes & ladders, chess with big pawns, volleyball. Archery and sand volleyball court were in a separate area.

We went to indoor games area after that. Beside this area, there was Go-Karting, which we didn't go for. We played caroms and crooked pool(my husband was making his own rules). Then we tried playing table tennis which I sucked at more than tennis.

We stopped by the food counters(self service) opposite Carnival and had snacks. Then we left for our room.

We quickly changed to swim wear and got into the pool. The water was very cold. But I love water. We were in pool for almost three hours. We took lots of pics and enjoyed till it turned dark.
(You can buy swim wear if you don't have one. It costs Rs.450 for women and Rs.250 for men)

After the pool time, we took a shower and went for dinner. We actually wanted to have candle light dinner in Water galaxy, but it was already booked for some event. So we went to Leo Bistro which is beside Sun and Moon. Leo Bistro had sort of candle light dinner and live music. The food was okay (we had tomato soup, tortillas with Mexican sauce and cream, biryani and tiramisu).

By the time we went back to the room, we were too tired.

Next day morning, we woke up by 7 AM and had coffee. We then left for breakfast in Sun & Moon which had a lot of variety(croissants, donuts, puri, upma, vada, idli, podi, dosa, waffles, muffins, cheese platter, sandwich, toast, black coffee, juices, cold coffee, muesli, corn flakes, fruits etc). You need to carry your breakfast coupons. 

We planned on going to Leo splash which is basically a very big swimming pool with slides and rain dance. It also had Pool Bar and a play area for kids. But as we had our own pool (though small), we decided to stick to our own pool. So after breakfast, we went back to room and again got into the pool for about 1.5 hours. Someone left a ball by the pool side, so we played with it for a while. 

The other thing which we didn't try apart from Go-karting was spa.

After that we took a shower and checked out of the hotel by 12 PM.

Overall it was a great experience. I have been to Leonia couple of times before this as part of office outings, but Lagoon bay was awesome. The staff were very polite and helpful. The resort and the room were very spacious and had lots of stuff to keep you entertained all the day.

If you want  to watch a poor video recording and awful video editing of the Lagoon Bay, here it is. You have been warned!


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