100 non-productive things to do when bored

  • Binge watch Game Of Thrones.
  • Stalk people on Facebook.
  • Go to your balcony and indulge in human-watching(like bird-watch).
  • Even better, create a plot by adding your own dialogues by watching random people conversing.
  • Pluck each hair from your hands.
  • Lie on sofa upside down to get a 180 degree angle view of things in your room.
  • Blow bubbles using your tongue.
  • Stare at your fat, hopefully it will feel ashamed and leave your body.
  • Stare at your face in the mirror and see who blinks first-you or your reflection.
  • Lol at memes.
  • Watch funny cat videos.
  • Yell at everyone at home. People dig drama.
  • Go down or up in the lift and repeat.
  • Argue with friends about whose favorite celebrity is the best in the universe.
  • Go to a park and envy kids playing and jumping around. Bonus point: Tell a kid that you are from future and you are him/her. That should make him/her stop playing and cry.
  • Buy an ice cream, savor every teeny tiny bite of it and feel all sad when there's no more ice cream left to eat.
  • Find random unknown places like Pulau Airabu on Google Maps and search it in Wikipedia. If you don't find it, create a page on Wiki about it.
  • Go to Google Maps and check how your house looks on a map.
  • Feel embarrassed thinking about the incident that happened 7 years ago.
Sad bored rhino in the middle of this post for no reason

  • Overthink what others may be thinking about you.
  • Assign a number to each piece of cloth you own and sort them using different algorithms. Bonus points: Prove running times of each algorithm practically.
  • Sort anything like footwear/bangles/ear rings in VIBGYOR order.
  • Doodle random stuff.
  • Write down names of all people whom you know - since childhood.
  • Look at old photos and see how many of them you can remember. Also notice how lame you looked years back.
  • Open the fridge door every five minutes and check if there's anything new since five minutes.
  • Check phone every five minutes to see if you got any notifications.
  • Talk to spammers, they feel lonely too. May be they really want to give you free money.
  • Call random phone numbers and ask "Why did Kattappa kill Bahubali?". If it's someone you know like your friends, call them in the middle of the night. They deserve it for having a friend like you.
  • Write a blog.
  • Learn poor jokes and tell them to everyone on a daily basis(I actually do this).

  • See how much water you can drink without making a run for the bathroom.
  • See if your hair grew since yesterday.
  • Sulk how your day is so boring.
  • Spot a person running/jogging and sing "Eye of the Tiger" loudly.
  • Watch daily soap and cry.
  • Open your window and sing in the direction of your neighbor's house- "I'm an alligator"
  • Toss candy into the air and try catching it with your mouth. See how many you can catch.
  • Practice whistling.
  • Measure your room - length and breadth wise by your feet.
  • Fill hot and cold water into tub from taps and alternate each tap infinite times to get the perfect temperature.
  • Learn the art of balancing pen on the tip of your nose.
  • Practice rolling pen on your fingers.
  • Take 100 selfies and delete all of them.
  • Take another 100 selfies and edit them with different apps and different filters. And delete them all.
  • Read the backside of a shampoo bottle.
  • Learn different shades of blue - baby blue, light blue, powder blue, morning blue, etc
  • Follow personal life of celebrity in media closely.
  • Roll paper into pipes, unroll, crumple, fold and see how soggy the paper got. Finally tear into tiny pieces.
  • Day dream how you will marry your favorite celebrity and live happily ever after.
  • Make paper planes and rockets and throw them at people. When it hits them, cry "May day, may day".
  • Make paper boats and float them in your bath tub.
  • Talk to your teddy bear.
  • See if you can set a new record in maximum number of hours slept.
  • Play the Wiki game - start with a random link in Wikipedia and see how many pages it takes you to get to a target link. For example, start with Elon Musk page and see how many pages it takes to reach Kim Kardashian page.
  • Watch same old movie hundredth time.
  • Watch self help videos and learn/do nothing.
  • Play FLAME(Friend, Love, Affection, Marriage, Enemy) and predict your love life.
  • Learn zoo zoo language.

  • Feel sad that your favorite character from book/movie/show died.
  • Plan your revenge- puncture enemy's vehicle's tire, send an anonymous message saying "you are not my favorite",etc. Remember "No Mercy".
  • Get into an argument on internet because some stranger disagreed with you.
  • Listen to your neighborhood gossip aunties and take notes.
  • Schedule a meeting and say some random jargon which make no sense even to a zoo zoo.
  • Complain incessantly to everyone you meet about anything.
  • Check your mailbox every five minutes.
  • Read all 100 items in this list.
  • Count if there are actually 100 items in this list.
  • Watch ads and only ads on TV. Watch Youtube videos for ad and skip the video.
  • Do swot analysis on which pic to upload as profile pic.
  • Read celebrity news and skip Syria crisis on the main page of the newspaper.
  • When someone asks you how you are, tell them how you actually are. That should teach them a lesson.
  • Check what your stars and moons and other satellites say about your future.(Astrology)
  • Play candy crush.
  • Send candy crush invite to all your friends.
  • Worry that you will die someday.
  • Learn useless trivia.
  • Hold a grudge over someone for not doing something you asked them to do one year back.
  • Get hypnotized by the rotating ceiling fan.
  • Count stars.
  • Try to imagine a new color. 
  • Watch Friends for the millionth time.
  • Go for window shopping.
  • Forward that chain message spam to all Whatsapp groups and contacts. Or this post.
  • Correct people's spelling mistakes and ignore the content posted.
  • Invent a new language.
  • Write a plan on how to take over the world like Pinky and the Brain.
  • Explain internet to your grandma.
  • Label everything in your room, even the label marker.
  • Learn complete lyrics of Macarena instead of just singing "ey macarena"
  • Have an appraisal discussion with your manager.
  • Practice moon walk.
  • Write  "Roses are red, Violets are blue" poems.
  • Invent a wild dance form-wilder than Zumba.

  • Challenge your best friend for a sword fight using cloth hangers as swords.
  • Listen to "Baby" and "Friday" and feel depressed.
  • Google yourself.
  • See how many cookies you can stuff in your mouth in one go. Bonus points if you do this with Osmania biscuits.
  • Tell your mom that you are bored and get an instant lecture on how your life is all messed up because you don't eat well.

~ That's all folks😁

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  1. love this! wish i had time to be bored though haha great post!



  2. this post is too funny! I have seen the zoo language video before it's so cute

  3. This is hilarious! I love the one about shaming your own fat until it leaves your body. Maybe I should try that one ;)
    And the Pterodactyl one was hilarious too.

  4. Hahaha I wish I had so much spare time! :) I love watching cat videos (and dog videos too) ��

  5. That gif though! ahahahaha Also, I ALWAYS lol at memes - bored or not! ;)

  6. I actaully pictured myself doing some of these things, gave me a few laughs!

  7. haha this is too funny! I am trying to break these habits, not get into them though haha!

    1. Me too, it was easy listing these down as I do most of them ;)

  8. I needed this list in my life lol. I especially liked the random and pointless sad rhino!

    1. It's a rhino! I did think that it didn't look quite like a hippo :P


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