32 Subtle Ways To Insult People

Why be polite, when you can be sassy or even brutal? Why compliment people, when you can roast them? Why be friendly, when you can be a bully? To inspire you, blossawe brings you 32 ways to insult people!

How to insult people
How to insult people

  1. Repeat the same sentence which the insultee said in a mocking tone, take inspiration from the Daenerys meme - "lit mi fight fir yu khilisi".
  2. Just say the rude sentence you want to say and add "haha" at the end of it - now you are just joking except that everyone knows that you really meant it. "You have a Santa tummy haha"
  3. Point to the obvious in the form of a question and by bringing everyone's attention to it. "You wore this same top two days back, right?"
  4. Study thy enemy - learn their insecurities and all you need to do is bring them up casually in a conversation.
  5. Low key roast the insultee about the same thing in different ways everyday.
  6. Turn their most loved hobbies into loser activities. "You read? What a loser, do you even meet real people?"
  7. Undermine their achievements - "Oh you learnt a new language, you must be having so much idle time in life."
  8. Who says you can correct grammar in a debate only on internet? Do it live - roast them about their grammar and pronunciations, ignore any logic in their argument.
  9. Send a very specific meme in a group chat, which is clearly meant for the insultee in the group.
  10. Wear those "I'm with stupid" kind of t-shirts when you are with them.
  11. Call them names in Klingon.
  12. Write a diss track and rap it.
  13. Target their looks and make them insecure for their entire life - "You look better when you don't smile".
  14. Turn their strengths into weaknesses - "You work hard like a donkey lol".
  15. Point at something in which they have no absolute interest and roast them how they are bad at it. "You can't even beat up John Cena" - to a ballerina.
  16. Puncture their excitement bubble and leave them wondering about their own interests - 
    "There's this new thing which I totally love..."
    "...that's so lame, you are lame"
  17. Insultee is proud of their knowledge in something? Now find an obscure fact from this field and throw it at them - "You don't even know this! Then obviously, you don't know anything"
  18. Point to the poverty of the insultee in a subtle way. Question their affordable choices all the while bragging about your rich life. "Oh, you are going to stay at that hotel? I was in this five star..."
  19. Target those hidden identities - may be your enemies see themselves as well dressed fashionistas or as experts in pop culture. Tear away this identity.
    "I saw this homeless person wearing the same outfit"

    "Oh wow, so you spend your whole life on sitcoms?"
  20. Make it look like you are helping them - "Because you are my friend, I want to tell you how bad your nose looks, you should get a nose job to look human"
  21. Interrupt them when they are talking again and again till they give up.
  22. Watch movies like Mean Girls, to get some ideas.
  23. Listen to Eminem and copy the lines.
  24. Bring back the good old sexism -
    "You throw the ball like a girl"
    "You walk like a man".
  25. If they are ahead of you and threw a very intellectual insult at you, just say "No, u".
  26. Turn their cool friends into lame people.
    "What a bunch of boring people!"
    "What! They are so awesome"
    "Ohh wow..sure"
  27. Invoke the Indian Aunty inside you- insult them in a polite way smiling all the time kindly.
  28. Educate them on anything and everything. Be very condescending while you do that. "Oh no, that's not how you drink water..Here is my superior and the only best way to do it.."
  29. Be the moral messiah. "Oh, you are going to donate that? I buy new branded clothes to donate"
  30. Put them on spot by drilling them down on something they don't know about in meetings.
  31. Are they calling you out for your rudeness? Call them a cry baby and tell them to man up.
  32. Did they show you some amazing outcome they achieved? Pick it apart - if you have enough will power, you will find at least 100 faults even in a perfect thing.
    "I made dis"
    "It's garbage"
    "Okay, then"

PS: This is a sarcastic post and not something to actually get people be a bully.


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