Every day troubles in Hyderabadi Auto-Rickshaws

The awesome auto-rickshaw

Disclaimer: Rich people won't understand and can't relate to this.

Did you ever wonder if you are going to die in an auto ride? Because they go at a speed of 78654309 miles/sec. In a zig zag way. Tossing your body to the edges of the universe. It's more or less like the Knight Bus in Harry Potter except for the cool part-magic.

Now imagine all that with loud Honey Singh music. This is the awesome disco on three wheels where you think rationally - "perhaps dying in an auto ride is not so bad". There's a high probability that this disco consists of Salman Khan and 90's actresses' photos all around. You may also see "I love you" painted on the mirror :-|. And a quote about women/love in general on the backside of the auto- no, not "Maa ki dua", it's more like "Has mat pagli, pyaar hojayega." or "Belive poizen snake, but not gurl". You don't get that kind of wisdom elsewhere.

Sometimes it's not a roller coaster ride, some autos move like a sloth (no, not like Flash) letting all the pedestrians and cycling people overtake you.

Going by a shared auto in Hyderabad is a feat in itself. You struggle every single day. Shared cab ride is far better than shared auto, but sometimes you can't find a cab and sometimes you have to wait longer for the cab to arrive or to pick other passengers. It's basically a trade-off between money and time.

Following situations depict everyday auto troubles using insanely awesome drawings of stick figures.

  • Sandwich ride.


  • That guy who consumes the entire seat like a blackhole.


  • The guy who needs two seats each for each of his legs.
auto-2 seats
I just need 2 seats

I wonder if people like these think that other people have only one leg and need only half seat.

  • Thigh oppression
thigh paralysis
Thigh paralysis

They come and sit hurriedly - I guess they are worried that the auto may take off like a rocket anytime. Even if there's tiny space and they got to adjust, they don't. They just sit on half of your thigh. You may try to rescue your thigh or tell them politely or even protest. But everything is useless. Resistance is futile. Just let it happen. It's not like the thigh paralysis you get after that is permanent.

  • The guy who thinks you are a stand to keep his hands on.

auto stand
Human stand

Auto etiquette: Please keep your hands in your lap. Other people's laps or hands are not your personal space. Also, in the above drawing, he is not a mutant who has an insanely long hand.

  • Kids and more kids.

Infinite kids
Infinity kids

Kids stepping on your feet and  swinging their legs- casually hitting you all through the ride - all the while their mom is just so oblivious to everything.

  • The guy carrying the entire galaxy with him
Galaxy in an auto

More and more stuff until the entire auto is covered with it to the point that you can't see anything ahead.

  • The talker

The talker

It often happens that someone talks to me or asks me something when I am visibly plugged in. And when I realize that they said something, remove my earphones and ask them to repeat, they ask me a continuation question.

  • The omnipresent creepy guy.

The creepy guy
The creepy guy

  • Finally the gentleman who adjusts to give you extra space.

the gentleman
The gentleman

FYI, that's not a butcher knife in my hand, it's supposed to be like the sword with which the Queen knights a person.

  • Troubles faced by guys sitting in the front seat:

auto front seat
Front seat troubles

The auto driver gives space enough for your half-thigh to fit in and when you look at him with that "Are you kidding me?" face, he looks at you as if you are crazy. Because he sees an ever expanding universe in that 10 mm^2 space and he can't understand all that fuss you are making about "need more space" like his wife. You finally decide to go for an adventure and board the auto only to end up dragging your knee on the road like those cool bike racers.


After all these troubles, when you pay the auto driver, he yells at you for not having change.

Despite all this, autos are still preferred by most of them because of the cheaper rates. Many of the auto drivers are kind and polite.
If only some auto drivers could stop spitting everywhere :(

PS: Sorry for the poor drawings.
Suggestions on how to draw, even digitally are welcome :)


  1. Are these, based on your experiences buddy? Btw Drawings are cute & funny..:)
    I could find one thing in your blog posts, specifically posts seems to be related to your daily & personal experiences. Any howz interesting web feed. Keep up your good posts.

    1. Thanks gskvision not just for the comment on this post, but for being consistently giving feedback on blog in general :) Yeah, most of them are from my own experiences. I get frustrated in some situation and then suddenly I think that I should blog this!

  2. Haha love the illustrations. Definitely a unique article.

  3. Haha this is a great post! Your cartoons are awesome, very funny and completely true to life - don't change a thing! I love your referral to 'That guy who consumes the entire seat like a blackhole' - I've definitely come across a few of those lol!

  4. I loved this post! It made me laugh :) Especially the '"perhaps dying in an auto ride is not so bad" and "FYI, that's not a butcher knife in my hand, it's supposed to be like the sword with which the Queen knights a person". I can't say that I've ridden in an auto on three wheels, but I've had my share of terrifying rides! Btw- I love your drawings!

    1. Thanks Larissa :)
      Glad that you were able to relate to it and liked it!

  5. Oh my god! The guy who needs two seats each for each of his legs is my ultimate pet peeve! Hate him hahaha

  6. What a cute post! Thank you for sharing!

  7. These real time experiences seem so funny when u get to read it :D.. Drawings are cute..

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