10 Best Sitcoms To Binge In This Lock Down

There are just too many hours in a lock down day. Here are the 10 best sitcoms to binge on and keep yourself entertained.

Binge Watch It All!

10. The Big Bang Theory

A show about four nerds who are experts in their fields, but are socially awkward most of the times. The antics of Sheldon Cooper made the character larger than the show itself and spawned a spin off series - "Young Sheldon". This show originally stayed true to it's theme, but in later seasons, it became more about the relationship stuff. Despite the decreasing quality in later seasons, the show has it's own Bazinga moments and worth watching.

9. Friends

This is watched so many times that it has become the background score of everyday. All the characters have become a household name - "I am so Monica!" A show about closely knit group of six friends and their evolving lives over years has become one of the most watched and quoted shows in India. HIMYM and TBBT emulate the same pattern. Watch it for Chandler's sarcasm, Joey's silliness, Phoebe's eccentricities, Monica's OCD, Rachel's character growth, Ross's dinosaurs.

8. Seinfeld

A show literally about nothing, Seinfeld is considered as one of the best written shows by critics. It depicts the most ordinary situations in the life of a stand up comedian - Jerry Seinfeld and his friends. One of the episodes is just about waiting for a table at a restaurant. There's no character arc for any of the major characters - observant Jerry, superficial Elaine, jobless George and eccentric Kramer. This is the oldest show on this list - first aired in 1989!

7. The Good Place

A Michael Schur show - where Eleanor ends up in "The Good Place", which is kind of an afterlife heaven - except that she is mistakenly picked up instead of someone else. Ted Dawson is brilliant as The Good Place's architect, who is often amused by the human antics.

6. Scrubs

A medical comedy - often gets narrated by the protagonist JD's inner monologue. Apart from the laughs, it has it's moving moments and character growth in almost every episode. Zach Braff is amazing as JD. Watch it for JD, bromance, monologues and the best Janitor ever. Just remember that there are only 8 seasons in the series, not 9.

5. Brooklyn nine-nine

An ongoing series - this is set in a police backdrop. The protagonist Jake Peralta is a detective, who acts out immature, pranking around and often clashing with his very serious boss. It's again a Michael Schur show and so nothing bad ever happens. If you want to binge without being anxious about your favorite character dying, this is your happy place. Now that I am writing this, this sounds a little like Scrubs - watch it for Jake, bromance and work pranks.

4. How I Met Your Mother

Ted tells his kids the looooong story about how he met their mom spanning several years of relationships and his friendship with Marshall, Lily, Barney and Robin. While Friends and TBBT was more about the laughs, HIMYM has many poignant moments that really hit you. Ted with his persistence about finding the one, Barney with his playboy character and crazy stories, Marshmallow and Lillypad's cute relationship and the unrequited love Robin - this show hits the right nodes and more. Though it seems like the character development is often thrown down the drain with an ending which nullifies pretty much everything, it's probably close to reality.  Watch it for it's legen-waitforit-dary moments.

3. Bojack Horseman

This is a dark comedy and it hits the reality way too much. The animated show is about Bojack, a popular 90s TV star, struggling to fix his life through depression, alcoholism, drugs, narcissism and self hatred. For me, this is the show where each and every character arc is perfectly nailed down by the writers. The first season starts off a little slow, but the next seasons hit it off completely. It has an episode with no dialogues(almost) and an episode consisting mostly of a monologue - and these are the best episodes! Brace yourself for reality and not so fairy tale ending. This may not be a show for everyone - may be this doesn't really belong here.

2. Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knope works in the Parks & Rec department and has over ambitious ideas for her small town, Pawnee. Apart from Leslie, who is really an inspiration, this Michael Schur show has Ben Wyatt - the goofball nerd, Ron Swanson - the deadpan and indifferent boss, Andy Dwyer - the lovable idiot, April Ludgate - the deadpan queen, Tom Haverford - the man who has got his priorities right, Chris Traegar - the eternal optimist.

1. The Office

Set in an average paper selling office, this show is insanely brilliant and beautiful. On every re-watch, you find something new which you may not have noticed earlier. You will fall in love with Michael Scott - the incompetent silly boss, Dwight Schrute - top salesman who is naive in everything else, Jim Halpert - who's job is 50% pranking, 30% talking to Pam and 20% actual work, Creed - the legendary and almost every character(okay, may be not Andy?). And Michael Schur is one of the writers for the show - this is where it all started!


Basically, if you want to be in a happy place, watch Michael Schur shows.
If you need to feel like a mini epiphany has been planted in your brain, watch HIMYM and Scrubs. If you want to take this to next level, watch Bojack.
If you want to watch a little over hyped shows with laughing tracks, watch Friends and TBBT.


PS : These are the shows I have watched and I still have a long list to watch!


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