Natural and cheap alternatives

Natural alternatives

After reading a lot about no soap and no shampoo movement, I decided to try it myself. After searching a lot for alternatives and researching on which one is the best, I concluded that my mom was right all along. Always listen to your mom guys, she knows more than Google and provides answers more specific than Quora. I have tested these alternatives for two months and no one has complained that I am stinking, so I guess they are working well. But seriously, they are really good.

You might already be knowing this, but never tried it consistently because of some or the other reason.

Alternative for soap:

Mix 5 spoons of besan/gramflour powder with a pinch of turmeric and a spoon of sandal wood powder. If you have dry skin, then use raw milk and if it's oily skin, use rose water to get the creamy consistency. This acts as a great scrub, scrub your skin well enough and wash it off.

Alternative for shampoo:

Take equal quantities of dry amla/gooseberry, shikakai and reetha/soapnut, say about 100 gms. Soak them all overnight in 2 liters of water. In the morning, mash them and heat the mixture till you can see froth over it. Filter this mixture once or twice to filter out all the soapnut seeds and other pulp. Store it in bottles and use it as shampoo to wash your hair.

Other alternatives:

1. Apply almond oil before bath and let it be for 15 minutes and then take bath. You won't need any moisturizer. I use Khadi Almond oil and it's awesome.
2. Add few drops of rose water to your face moisturizer. Rose water acts as toner and also gives you that fresh feeling. I have used Dabur and Khadi rose water. I found Dabur rose water to be better as Khadi had this artificial fragrance.

If you make it easy to use, you will be able to follow it consistently. Keep everything in reach and prepare mixture of powders before hand during weekends, so that on weekdays , you can just add some liquid and use it right away.


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