Multigrain and nuts energy snack bar

Yeah, yeah, I know what you are thinking.."another healthy yucky food". Nope, this one's actually yummy. Trust me, stranger on the internet.

Multigrain and nuts snack bar
Energy bar

Here we go, this is the recipe:

1. Melt a cup of peanut butter on a pan. Switch off the stove.
2. Add slightly crushed multigrain(2 cups), almond(20), cashews(15), pistachios(15) and flax seeds to the melted peanut butter.
3. Add half cup of honey to this to get the sweet taste. The multigrain which I buy(Kellogg's multigrain with oats and honey) already has honey in it, so I don't add honey.
4. (Optional) You can add cocoa powder to get a chocolaty taste.
5. Spread this mixture on a plate and store it in fridge. Later you can cut this into bars.
Or you can also make small spheres out of the mixture and store them in fridge.

You can also use just oats instead of multigrain, but I found that it's not crunchy enough for me. You can literally add anything of your choice in any quantity. Just make sure there is enough peanut butter.


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