50 Fun Things To Do At Home

Disclaimer:  This is just a light hearted post on stuff you can do at home in the wake of the Corona scare all around the world and this post doesn't underrate the seriousness of the pandemic.

50 Fun Things To Do At Home
50 Fun Things To Do At Home

Hyderabad is one of the hotspots for Corona right now, despite the recent couple of cases testing negative. The roads are empty and only the brave souls are seen in the IT offices(like me). But if you
need to stay at home indefinitely, then here are some fun things to do. 
  1. Call all your friends and celebrate a virtual party through video calls. Everytime you have connectivity issues, drink up..water and keep yourself healthy.
  2. Look outside from a glass window longingly at the world you have ignored and laugh at the stupidity of people who are roaming around.
  3. Bask under the sun in your balcony/backyard so that viruses don't get to you.
  4. If you are an introvert, this is a perfect excuse for you to avoid meeting people.
  5. It's time to take card games seriously, like "21 movie serious" - raise the bets.
  6. Ponder about your life and make yourself miserable.
  7. Talk to people at home - like actually.
  8. Try on those new clothes you ordered from sale after 3 years 3 months of no-shopping(too specific, I know) and do the ramp walk at home- force everyone at home to watch the fashion show.
  9. Cook an elaborate 5 course meal and feel all fancy like a Duke or a Duchess.
  10. Make a blanket fort and stay inside it for extra protection.
  11. Sanitize things in home like a madlad or a madlass.
  12. Draw mustaches to everyone in the newspaper. If they already have mustaches, then draw bindi on their foreheads. 
  13. Stick googly eyes everywhere and give life to things. Wiggly things(like our own amoeba shaped tummy) will look more adorable with googlies.
  14. Give names to all the plants in your house. Bonus points : Give them undercover names too like Bond, James Bond - oh wait, it's not undercover at all.
  15. Elegantly stitch in calligraphy - but only cuss words. Pastels and cuss words go together.
  16. Perform your skills in front of your family or broadcast it live if you live alone - stand up comedy, sing, guitar etc - torture them in all possible ways.
  17. Be the Michael Scott and crack  "That's what she said" jokes - as many as possible.
  18. Learn basic self defense (some kung fu panda moves) and the art of unnagi - you never know when danger knocks you down.
  19. Do the 5:2 intermittent fasting and consume only 500 calories over weekend. This will make you more desperate, frustrated and even more bored.
  20. Talk to your plants as you feed them their nourishment - "Bruh, you will never get Corona".
  21. Give a makeover to your ceiling and make your Monday mornings better - paint happy little people to remind you to always smile and then get spooked by them in the night.
  22. Read newspaper from end to end including classifieds - may be if you are lucky, you will find a "Safety Not Guaranteed" ad.
  23. Bake all kinds of extremely fatty and tasty food or extremely healthy and bland food.
  24. Trace down your family tree - drill all the senior citizens in your family for all the information.
  25. Update your resume. God, no!
  26. Plan your entire life or may be just 2020 or just this month or perhaps just this day.
  27. Show off your artistic skills - gather all those colors and sketch/paint memes all over the walls. 
  28. For a change, create memes instead of just browsing through them and ...profits?
  29. Eat all the food available at home and let your family starve.
  30. Try your hand at origami and create your own dragon army or just some awkward paper planes army that don't really fly.
  31. Rewind those old favorite songs and travel back in time. To shake yourself off from memories, listen to Despacito.
  32. Organize a makeshift DJ night in your room so that you can dance off all day and all night.
  33. Read all the books which you own, but never open and feel as wise as Gandalf or Dumbledore.
  34. Write a blog post and torture people.
  35. Be a fitness freak - do all kinds of push ups, squats etc or better take that Chloe Ting workout challenge and break a bone in your body.
  36. Be on call support for weekends - so that when the virus is gone, you are off the roller and you can happily roam outside or may be just lie down on the sofa.
  37. Binge watch that series you always wanted to watch or go on a movie series marathon or just re-watch The Office again for the 100th time.
  38. Be the Ishaan(Taare Zameen Par) - see all those colors and depth in everything, then just paint sticky figures.
  39. Spook your family by a makeshift ghost and show them a horror or comedy depending on how brave they are.
  40. Make a stop motion movie and when it's done(...after a million years), compare the 2 second "movie" with Avatar (like Ben Wyatt).
  41. Download karaoke apps and sing along with your family - automatically scares off all the people around you.
  42. Learn photography and use all that newly earned knowledge to shoot miniatures so that you can sell them on shutterstock - be disappointed when they tell you that they don't accept blurry photos.
  43. Research and invest in stocks - as the market is all down now. It won't be like the bitcoin episode - I promise.
  44. Repair all the broke things at home - broken curtain rod, torn clothes, broken hearts..
  45. Do a crash course on something by watching youtube videos and get certified. Now you can open your own coaching center - no expertise needed.
  46. Get all your old clothes and upgrade them with DIYs - to cleaning rags.
  47. Have a candle light dinner with your laptop. 
  48. Hook on to Duolingo and learn French to talk in a sexy accent - "Lipupu!" like Joey.
  49. Make your entry to Tik Tok - congratulations, you are now very famous.
  50. Just take a nap, y'all.



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