Coffee Time - "Me" Time

As the hot coffee warms up your body in the cold, all that exists in your secluded and isolated world is you. Nothing else matters. No one else exists. The first cup of coffee after a night of slumber or after a nap, kindles and prepares your brain for the chaos of the day that's about to follow. These twenty minutes are precious - just to be yourself at your best-self. You feel agitated when someone tries to disturb this serenity, intrudes and barges into this eggshell world you have created for yourself.

Me time
Me Time


Coffee time is not about agitating your innards and hitting your brain with a stimulant, it's about you, just being you, before the grind of the day begins and snatches it all from you. It's 'I, Me, Myself' time- rebooting your brain with the best seeds of thoughts - not the forcefully thrust upon thoughts of the world. Nothing is demanding your brain's attention and energy, bullying and shoving it to do something, just because the world demands it to do so. This is no lab generated output, this is it's own indigenous production gravitating towards it's own best interests.

In this "me" world, you could be doing several things as you sip your energy and morale booster - stare into abyss, read through a favorite book, watch your favorite series, just scroll through memes/cats/happy stuff, sit in silence observing your own thoughts, even think about that problem/project that has got you all excited and sleepless - anything, a favorite that has been carefully sieved from the infinite inventory of thoughts that make you, you, by the subconscious. This carefully picked winner is your brain's ally. You are completely in the moment - in your happy place, stimulated by a psychoactive drug. Under this most commonly consumed drug influence, everything gets intensified.

All the worries, to-dos, nagging thoughts about incomplete chores, anxiety about work, expectations to be productive have been adjourned. Nothing and no one bugs your brain in this oasis of calm surrounded by an infinite stretch of mayhem, hopelessness and suffering.

What may have started as a groggy stretch ends with a new vigor - you emerge as an enlightened person who has figured it all out, with a single mindedness to deal with the next immediate ugly tough task, with the courage and hope that you can deal with the day.

People who see your "me" time as a waste of time or lazing around, will never understand that it is this quiet time that keeps you going through the storm after it.

It's your time, your world, your little bubble of bliss, your inner sanctity - without which, the day won't sustain. 

Do not skip it.


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