Fragile Life

There are millions of asteroids around us and thousands of them quite near to us. Any one of them could hit us anytime. Despite our space exploration and advanced observatories, we only predict a very few asteroid impacts - out of which most of them are predicted just within hours to days of impact. Even if we successfully predict an impact before an year, looking at our inability to deal with this current pandemic, we can only doubt how much we will able to deflect an asteroid that can shoot at us at high speeds of about 20km/sec. One such asteroid wiped off the dinosaurs that were the dominant terrestrial species for about 170 million years - modern human has been on Earth just from about 0.2 million years. 

Stephen Hawking considered asteroid collision as the biggest threat to our planet. Despite this looming threat, we hardly pay any attention to this. Our media which goes gaga about ridiculous issues, only talks about this in a dramatic way once in a while. We are not prepared for this. After all, we didn't see any such major impact that could sweep away cities or continents in our lifetimes. We only obsess about the trivial things and about the relatively minor issues, which may have popped up in our lifetime.

Endings won't always be obvious and impending, they can be abrupt, startling, chaotic and more devastating than any other dangers we have predicted and braced ourselves for.

Fragile Life

While we have safe cushioned our dear lives in all possible ways we can think of, death has been finding it's way and creeping into many of our lives in this pandemic. We are surrounded by death - hardly a week goes by, when we don't hear about someone's loss. But even when we succeed in not getting impacted by the pandemic, death can still find it's way out of blue. Life is really what happens when we are busy making other plans. And so is death.

We attach too much life with our future lives, everything happens "someday" in our minds - love we want to shower on our family, time to be spent with them, big surprises that will blow their mind, being the grown up and taking care of them, keeping up the promises you have made to them, reconciliations over bitter or trivial fights, closure about unsettling issues, just picking up the phone to talk to them at least once in a while - everything has been planned and scheduled for that "someday". And now, that "someday" will never happen.

Universe and life have no purpose or meaning. Nothing is guaranteed. Things will happen - not just to someone we know, but to us. Our world as we know it can collapse any moment. We won't be prepared for whatever is going to happen, despite all our precautions.

All we have is now. This fleeting moment. We can only try to not put off the most important things. We can only try to calm our minds by knowing for sure that we have done everything we could.

We can attach any purpose/meaning to our lives, that will keep us sane during our brief random existence on Earth. But we should always remember that, that purpose may go unrealized. May be, that's why, the purpose of life is to just actually live this moment.



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