Live A Little Every Day - Celebrate You!

As we become adults, we tend to focus more on survival and securing the future - which is needed. But sometimes we get too involved in it that we forget to live. We border on self sacrificing behavior, to save up for a rainy day. We deny good things today, to save up for a special day in future. We live by hard and fast self imposed rules to be productive today, so that we can relax and indulge in slow and simple living after retirement. We stick to the old stuff which we hate, by seeing the money invested in it and make ourselves miserable today. We tread through carefully, so as not to risk a good future.

And after all these, paradoxically, one common excuse my parents give to not treat themselves with anything is "We are old now, don't need all that". So, you save up all your time, good stuff and money for future, but then still deny them all because you are old? When are we supposed to live then?
Living the Life
Living the Life

I am not saying - don't work for future or don't pay bills. You don't have to be reckless and put yourself and others in danger in near future. You just need to squeeze in some "living" amidst all this chaos. Otherwise, there's no point of you to be in the chaos all the time!

We need to stop overthinking on trivial things - "oh, I could have worked on my project instead of watching this 20-minute show", "this one ice cream is going to ruin all my one month diet", "I can save up on food to invest in better things". This is all not worth it - we are just wasting our energy in micro scheming stupid things that don't add up to anything.

There's a better investment than real estate - You! Okay fine, at least a better investment than crypto-currency.

Ever saw the articles on regrets old people have? They are mostly about not doing stuff rather than doing stuff.
Do some insane stuff once in a while. Add more crazy stories to your life.

Side effect of living well:
What else happens when you live your life so well? You won't even remember the names of your enemies or the people who you wanted to prove wrong - as you are too engrossed in living and doing your own thing. What else can be the best revenge?

Live Today
Live Today

Indulge guilt free. Sometimes you gotta be all like Tyler Durden - "Let the chips fall where they may."
  • Splurge money on whatever has been on your mind forever.
  • Break away from the monotony and take some time just for yourself. Don't beat yourself up for that watching a TV show or a movie.
  • Use that nice candle today, which you have been saving up for some special day. Wear those special nice clothes.
  • Eat that occasional favorite ice cream or cake. Go easy on yourself sometimes.
  • Pamper yourself. Indulge in small treats by you for yourself- a long hot shower with a scented candle, hot coffee and book, just music, etc.
  • Go experience something which you always wanted to try.

A small treat for yourself can sometimes fix more than what a therapy can and it's crucial if you don't want to have a mental breakdown in the middle of the day.

Celebrate you. You are a big deal!



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