Two Minute Challenges

Every Friday, I post a new article. Sometimes, I already have so much content to be posted. Sometimes, I have to struggle trying to decide what needs to be written - today being one such day. So I thought why can't I just challenge you guys, make you uncomfortable and transfer the action item from me to you. So here are a few challenges you can try right away and all these take 2-5 minutes.

Two Minute Challenges
Two Minute Challenges

  • Call your best friend from school with whom you may even have lost contact.
  • Start a very tiny action item for your goal right away and get the ball rolling. For example, update a part of your resume if switching job is your goal.
  • Make coffee/tea for your family, surprise them and give them a break.
  • Talk to that stranger whom you frequently see.
  • Sing your favorite song completely.
  • Use that gift which you have been saving from ages for a better day. Today is that day.
  • Throw expired stuff from your fridge.
  • Uninstall one app from your phone.
  • Take stairs instead of life/elevator.
  • Write down one idea that could be related to your job or hobby. For example, if painting is your hobby, one idea related to that could be painting a wall in your house with some pattern.

Which one are you going to try?



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