Happy New Year 2018 :)

Hey Everyone,

It's the end of the year already! I hope you guys had a great year and have an even more wonderful year ahead.

By December of every year, I sit down and scribble some over ambitious goals for the next year. I eat all sorts of junk food and waste my time in watching TV, etc in December - telling myself that I need to do this so that I can live and leave all my bad habits in this year. But, years of experience has taught me that I never stick to any of my new year resolutions. So for 2018, I have decided to not overwhelm myself with hell lot of impossible goals. If I could have a huge billboard in my room, then it would say "One step at a time".

If I would have set a goal to write 365 posts in 2017 for this blog, I would have definitely not written anything at all. Setting a simple goal of one post per week made me to stay committed to the goal. It may not seem like a big thing, but looking back, I really wonder how I did this - me being the most laziest person, who can put sloths and pandas to shame.

New year resolutions
New year resolutions

 So, what's the point? I just wanted to say that - if you have something in your bucket list - then just start it. Take it slow. One step at a time. One post a week. One KM walk a day. One healthy meal a day. One new thing to learn in a day. One book to read in a month. One new small investment in a month. You get the point - consistent small steps.  It's great to have resolutions list and bucket list items, but do not overwhelm yourself trying to do everything in few days. 

I hope you start that giant impossible scary thing, which you always wanted to do and stick to it through out 2018. Happy New Year :)

Last but not the least, I thank you all for your love and support.😊


  1. Thank you for sharing this. Happy New Year 2018 wishes for all. May this New Year bring you joy and laughter. To be happy is the greatest wish in life.


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