Travel checklist

Travel checklist
Travel packing

Holiday season is here! As many people travel during this time of the year, I am posting this travel checklist to pack all the necessities.

Things that need to be handy in a backpack/handbag:
  • Face wash
  • Chewing gum if you think you are not going to get an opportunity to brush immediately after you wake up.
  • Tissues, wet wipes and sanitizer.
  • Moisturizer, lip balm and sun screen.
  • Comb.
  • DSLR/Camera.
  • Phone + charger + ear phones + power bank.
  • Snacks if you think that there's going to be no food available.
  • Medicines - cold, throat infection, fever, pain killers, diarrhea etc. and also any regular medicines which you take.
  • Water bottle.
  • Deo/perfume.
  • Sun glasses.
  • Jacket/sweater/rain coat/hat - depending on where you are going. You may need to pack more like gloves/scarves/beanies /socks/ear plugs if it's going to be very cold.
  • Travel pillow - if you think you are going to be on road for lot of time.
  • Wallet - enough money, but not too much money. ID proofs.
  • Any needed documents for travel - tickets/passport/visa.
For ladies
  • Make up kit - eye liner, mascara, lipstick, cc cream, compact, make up remover, cotton, etc.
  • Scarf.
 Other things that can be packed in a trolley bag:
  • Toiletries : Tooth brush,tongue cleaner, tooth paste, body wash, shampoo.
  • Clothes as per number of days of travel and some extras/swim wear if you are going to get under waterfalls/pool.
  • Sleep wear, towels and inner wear.
  • Extra covers/bags to carry your used and wet clothes.
  • Flip flops if you are going to be on a beach.
For ladies
  • Accessories - this list is infinite as per your choices - matching jewellery, watches, clutches/ties for hair etc. You can organize ear rings in a small medicine organizer.
  • Epilator if you are traveling for very long.

  • Pack before few days so that if any clothes need wash/ironing, you can get it done.
  • Find all the places to visit. Sometimes, travel agencies only show you couple of places. If you have some extra time, you can visit other places by your own.
  • Find local shopping markets. You can shop in free time when you are done visiting places.
  • Try local cuisine.
  • Take pics in the first/last 5 minutes and keep the camera aside for the remaining time, enjoy the view.
  • Choose comfortable wear for travel. And choose footwear thinking that you are going on a marathon.
  • Cling wrap all the solutions/lotions beneath the cap.
  • You can carry a book if you think there's going to be lot of waiting in lobbies.
  • A journal to pen down your thoughts while exploring is quite useful.
  • Never keep all the money in one wallet/purse. If you lose it, you will end up with no money.
  • Keep some space empty in your luggage - Used cloth bags take up lot of space than crisp ironed clothes and also, you may shop a lot.
  • Charge all the electronics - phone, camera etc.
  • If you are traveling international, then get the currency exchange done in your city with enough research. It's always costlier in airports/visiting country.
~Hope you will have a great journey :)


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