Perks of Being a Mom - by Niharika (Guest Article)

Imagine announcing that you are expecting baby in a group of friends. Some congratulate you, some say “welcome to parenting” and some may raise their eyebrow.

Hope this article convince the folks who think parenting is difficult or brings smile to whom are already enjoying it.

Joy of Motherhood
Joy of Motherhood

I spent enjoying my pregnancy like a queen watching my husband sharing the household chores;) The actual fun started on the big day when we heard his first cry.

I cried aloud during labor and pain, but I got smile when my beloved ones , including my mother in law:) feeding me while I am holding the baby.

I was not a fan of sleepless nights hearing baby crying, but I felt proud watching my cute fan sleeping to my lullaby.

I got tired looking at my kitchen stuff in living room, but I felt overwhelmed when my little engineer built stack with vessels of uneven surfaces.

I felt ugly with post pregnancy marks on my body, but felt like I won pageant when my husband said, “he looks/behaves like you”.

I was bored listening the same rhyme everyday, but I was excited when he started imitating the actions and want to help him to learn more.

He is our silence breaker for the cold wars at home. He wakes us up early in the morning with his little paws.

When your parents urge you to have kids, we start replying career, financial status, etc, Does being a parent will let you in financial crisis? One year of your absence in the industry which you are working, will not bring down it’s share markets.

Some of the letters of famous personalities in recent times worth to share:

Mark Zuckerberg's letter to his daughter Max
Anu Nadella's article about her journey through Motherhood

Happy Parenting!! Thanks to my little dinosaur ;) for giving me some time to write this.

P.S : Stinky diapers,running noses and drooling are out of scope;) in this article.


About Author:

Niharika is a working Mom managing two worlds that are at times exhausting. In this blog post, she has penned down her journey through Motherhood and the ups and joys of being a Mother, despite the humongous effort a Mom needs to make for her child.

Thank you, Niharika, for taking out time to write this great post and Thanks to your little dinosaur for giving you time and of course, for all these memories :)


Happy Mother's Day Folks! (13th May)


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