Best Ways To Earn More Money

It is said that millionaires/billionaires mostly have at least seven sources of income. Investing in ourselves and in one particular field is great - but chances are that you may need to trade your time for it and the bad news is that we have very limited time. We need other sources of income to get rich - sources that require minimum effort and time from us. We need passive income. We need all these to be on almost auto-pilot with least intervention from us.

Following are some ways to make money :
Ways To Earn Money
Ways To Earn Money

Just You and Internet:


  • There are people who earn their living through blogging (and then there's me on the other side). Start blogging on stuff that you know about. Once there is enough content and traffic, you can get Google Adsense enabled. There are several other ad systems apart from Adsense. You get paid based on the ad impressions and clicks.
  • Once you have enough audience, you can get sponsored posts where you get paid for promoting someone else's product or service. These majorly happen when your blog is about reviews of products or about beauty/fashion/cooking/lifestyle.
  • Apart from ads and sponsored content, you can start right away with Affiliate links in your posts. For example, if someone buys an Amazon product through your affiliate link in your blog, you get a commission based on the product and it's cost.


Though Youtube's monetization is tricky, it's still a great option if you can post original and helpful/entertaining content. There are infinite varieties of videos you can try - how tos, courses, recipes, fashion & beauty, kids learning, DIYs, fitness, entertainment,short films,cute stuff, music covers, cute kids, cute pets, experiments, travel, etc. This works similar to blogging.


  • If you are a writer, you can author and self-publish your own book easily. If you can't afford to publish, then you can go  digital - ebooks/kindle editions.
  • Apart from writing in your own blog, you can write for several famous sites and get your articles published. Listverse pays $100 for one listing article if approved.
  • There are also content writing sites that pay per article like iWriter. 
  • Another option is to write guest articles for blogs/sites that pay. (We need guest articles, but we don't pay-we poor).


  • Got a great voice and pronunciation? You can try creating audio books for sites like Audible which are becoming more and more popular these days.
  • Just like blogging, you can interview someone or just talk about something and podcast it.


  • If you are popular enough on social media like Facebook/Instagram, you can get paid to promote sponsored products.
  • If you are influential in your field, then your tweet promoting a business is very valuable. In fact many people with lot of twitter followers charge a flat rate just for retweeting.

Social Media:

Bloggers, business, celebrities, politicians - everyone need to maintain a social media presence - posting, interacting with followers,etc. This is where social media managers and trolls come into picture. The best example is probably Russia's Facebook influence in Trump's campaign.


  • Be it any skill-logo, graphics, website design, chunk of code, content, you can sell them in lot of sites like upwork, Fiver, freelance etc. Many startups and small businesses look for freelancers who can complete their tasks for affordable rates.
  • Be a consultant. All those years of experience and knowledge can give you an edge over others.


If you are someone who studies the market well and can spend a lot of time and effort and don't mind taking risks, then day trading may be your key to riches. The basic idea is to buy low and sell high.

Effort, time and probably boring:

  • If you can spare some time to test, then there are lot of testing sites like utest that pay for testing and finding any bugs in any digital products, sites, apps.
  • If you don't mind trading your time for trivial stuff, then you can go for paid surveys, apps that pay for shopping, apps that pay by tracking your mobile activity, cashback apps like tez, data entry etc. Amazon mechturk is one such option that pays for entering data based on handwritten notes etc.

Virtual Assistant:

Varies from doing odd jobs to jobs that need skills- totally depends on the job. India is known to have lot of VAs to whom lot of work is outsourced at cheaper rates.

Unique and Rare:

  • Bitcoin has a cap on it. That's why it's value goes up.(not anymore-*cries in crypto*).
  • T-shirt hoarding: The guy who would wear a T-shirt with your company/caption and advertise it as a hoarding.(couldn't find the link,sorry)
  • Million dollar website. The guy who sold million pixels each for a dollar.

Have Resources?

  • Rent your rarely used or spare car to Ola/Uber. In fact you can drive it in your free time.
  • Have an extra room in your home? Rent it on Airbnb.
  • Lend extra cash on interest.
  • Have a big terrace? Rent it out for a hoarding/antenna.

Good old jobs:

  • Switch job to earn more. Financial compensation matters as you grow in life not just the work.
  • Work in countries whose currency is very high than yours.


  • Tutor-be it online/at your own home(or better Ameerpet). Sites like Udemy, Coursera etc are great to roll out a course on something in which you are an expert.
  • If you are good at languages, then you can teach them and also become a translator. China pays a lot for online English classes - for example, VIPKID.
  • Stitching-I really really want to stress on this, there are so less people who do this well and and if you are good at it, people are ready to pay a lot.
  • Babysit/day care- if you have enough patience to deal with kids, then you can start out at your own home and then expand into a proper day care center.
  • Fit? Know tips? Become a personal trainer at your own gym on hourly basis.
  • In earlier days, if we need to move from one house to another, we had to search for house by ourselves and pack all our stuff to move into new house. Now we have middle men and sites to hunt a house and packers to pack our stuff. Basically the world is advancing by creating more and more niches. Look at routines, you may find some new niche. During demonetization, an app became famous to "Book your chotu" - a person who will stand in the ATM/bank queue and hold your place for hours.
  • On similar lines of above point, create a website/app that addresses a problem. You can try uberizing it. For example, though there are some sites and apps to book a help/maid, nothing has been as popular and effective as Uber.
  • Travel coordinator: Wander lust? Organize tours and get paid from individuals. Altogether you can earn lot of profit. Similarly, event management is another such thing that fetches good profits.
  • Host and provide rental/pay per usage for expensive machinery-gym, xerox/printer, diagnostics, bikes, cars etc.


  • Quick money? Sell blood,plasma, hair etc.
  • Junk sale - Sell newspapers, old used notebooks and all those accumulated boxes/plastic from products and shopping packages. You may think this is trivial, but the amount of waste plastic in a house at the end of an year is too huge.
  • Sell all old or unused things in your house. Host a garage sale. Sell them on OLX, Quikr, Craiglist etc.
  • Sell your own art and crafts on sites like Etsy or even on Facebook/ Instagram store.
  • Sell photos clicked by you as stock images to shutterstock.
  • Sell products on e-commerce sites like Amazon,Flipkart,eBay, Shopify etc.
  • Find a set of related products and services and create a one stop - For example, pellipoolajada provides everything needed for wedding.
  • Sell home food on Tinmen/dabbawala.
  • Sell baked food and other party specials on order basis.
  • Sell an app.
  • Develop a software and sell license.

Physical store/place/vehicle:

  • Nursery-this is all plant lovers dream. When you do it in bulk, planting seeds and growing them doesn't cost too much and fetches good profits when sold.
  • Food on wheels - these days it's all about mobile "bandis".


More on this in next article. Limiting to this post:
  • Become a silent partner or an angel investor in business.
  • Invest in commercial buildings that pay huge rents.


Flipping is basically two parts - investing in something by buying at low cost, holding on to it till it's time and then selling it for a higher price - sometimes with some improvements. Almost anything can be flipped.
  • Domain: Good domain names are rare to come by.
  • Websites: Redesigning poor looking websites and then selling them off for high price.
  • Cars: Old second hand cars, some repairs and sell.
  • Land/House: Sometimes it's not for us to live there, it's just to sell and make profit.
  • Expensive items like Rolex Watches.



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