Wardrobe challenge - 221 outfits and counting!

Do you remember the No Repeat Wardrobe Challenge? The challenge was to not repeat any outfit till you are done with all the outfits in your closet and take a selfie in every outfit.

Wardrobe Challenge
Wardrobe Challenge

I started this on May 14th, 2017. After wearing 221(!) outfits for about 9 months, I am kind of stuck and not able to get an opportunity to wear the remaining 31 outfits. This does not even include shrugs, jackets, sweaters, jeans/leggings/trousers etc. Most of the remaining ones are sarees, lehengas, maxis etc. I have started the second cycle of no repeat already, but I am also looking in parallel to use those remaining outfits to complete the first cycle.

This is not my way of boasting about my wardrobe, this is in fact a pitiful example of blind consumption. I have been a shopaholic all my life and I don't know what inspired me, but I wanted to stop. So far I have succeeded :) For all those shopaholics who want to quit, it's totally possible and achievable. Baby steps - one step at a time. And trust me, this challenge is definitely the best step to achieve that.

Also, this isn't even a post preaching not to buy stuff. If something makes you really happy or if you really need something or if it's just your choice to buy it, then go for it!

I have already pitched why you need to take this challenge in previous post. But I am here to tell you even more reasons why you should take this challenge.

Why you need to take this challenge:

  1. To wear those new forgotten outfits for which you haven't even removed the tag. I realized that I had around 25 such tops with tags intact. I was saving them for 'special days'. Wear them today. Today is the special day!
  2. To actually realize how many outfits you own! For me, it was never ending. This has helped me to stop buying more clothes. I have completed 15 months of  "No Shopping". Who knew a mini no-repeat wardrobe challenge will make me complete the major challenge easily.
  3. To finally get those loose/tight tops altered. I had several outfits which needed alterations, repairs or even dry cleaning. They finally got their chance with this challenge. I had to get them fixed as I was running out of other outfits.
  4. To use those variety of extras - shrugs, jackets, rain coats, sweaters, scarves, socks, stockings and another huge variety of basics - jeans, trousers, leggings, cargos, shorts, chinos - and a lot more depending on your style. We tend to use more of our favorite jeans and keep the rest aside!
  5. To realize how much money is stuck in few heavy/party wears that you use rarely in your life. For example, I have 12 sarees and I couldn't even wear them once in these 9 months! The fact that they alone cost more than my entire remaining wardrobe stung me badly. This made me take a decision not to buy any more sarees/lehengas. 
  6. To have a database of your wardrobe in the form of photos. All those selfies are damn useful to me, now that I have started the second cycle of "No repeat wardrobe". I know what all I own without checking all the shelves, I know what accessories go with each one. Selecting a perfect outfit for an event is easier. It's one time effort the first time and from the second cycle, it's almost auto-pilot. Color code at work? Let me just check my phone - and, Done!
  7. To get rid of extra accessories which you never use. I realized that some of my accessories are just taking up space without being used ever. After one wardrobe cycle, you know what you need and what you don't.
  8. To use other tracks/nightwear also instead of just using those few favorite cozy wear that's almost in rags now.
  9. To finally retire those old shabby outfits you have been clinging on to. Everyone has that outfit that's done it's time and still stays in the corner of the closet for some rainy day. You never wear it. You can't bring yourself to discard it. It's time that you show up in it and feel all uncomfortable. All those super-uncomfy feelings will definitely trigger you to discard it. 
  10. To realize how free you are from buying more depending on the number of outfits you own. For example, even after retiring several outfits, I can complete one cycle in 9 months. So even after ten years, I would have worn every outfit only 13 times!

The entire process is to efficiently use everything and discard the non-favorites. By discard, it can be donating, recycling, exchanging with a friend or just throwing them away. But if for some reason, you are not able to that, then here are few tips how to wear them.

Tips to wear non-favorites:

  1. Distribute outfits uniformly - Don't keep all those hated/non-favorite outfits till the end of the cycle. You will hate all those last days of your challenge and think of quitting.
  2. Winter is the best time to wear those outfits which you absolutely hate. Why? Just cover it up with a shrug and you are good to go. Left with a "Hello Kitty" top and you need to attend a meeting? Suit up! Or wear a jacket. Winter is the absolute best - get creative and camouflage!
  3. Try a different combination to make them look less hideous. For example, you can cover an ugly kurti with a great dupatta.
Do check general tips from the previous post

Organizing is the key to stay sane and stick to this challenge. I will be back with more tips that will help in organizing wardrobe on Sunday. Stay tuned ;)


  1. Super helpful tips. I always say I have nothing to wear but when you look in my wardrobe there’s so many clothes! Lots are pushed to the back though, definitely going to try more combinations

  2. Wow! This post encouraged me to pare down. I am way more attracted to a minimalist's lifestyle now that I'm older. I used to want to have a ton of clothes and shoes, now I don't want a lot, just a few pieces that fit me like a goddess. Thus I lean more towards quality pieces over the quantity of pieces I wear.

  3. Ha, what a great challenge! I actually don't shop for clothing much (at least for myself) I'm a single Mama with not a lot of extra cash, so it all goes to bills, groceries, and kids stuff! But I should go through my closet and check those pockets for cash ; )
    great post!

  4. This is something I should definitely do sometime. And by that I mean when my toddler leaves for the university! I so envy you!

  5. That's one hell of a challenge. 221 and counting, you must really have a lot of clothes. It is something I should try. I just always develop a liking towards my latest jeans or a shirt, and then wear it over and over and all my old clothes just keep laying there in my cupboard.

  6. That's a cool challenge to try. I have many outfits in my wardrobe which are either discarded or never been used because I have made a pile of my clothes in my closet and I'm not able to see many of them lying underneath the pile .These tips might help me .

  7. Ha ha, I think i need to take this challenge to realize how many clothes I have , rather than thinking all the time that I'm out of my stock. Great pointers shared here.

  8. These are nice tips you've got. We have decided to keep a small amount of clothes so we now we're able to wear everything.

  9. This is a challenge everyone should take. I recently decided I am going to start wearing clothes I haven't wore in years (I gave away the ones I no longer like). Although, I have to admit it is hard to resist to buy something new when there are so many clothes at such a low price.


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