10 ways to pamper yourself this Women's Day

Women tend to get all busy and stressed out with work. But sometimes, we need a break. We may take care of others, but we need to be taken care of too. Women's day is perfect for the much needed break. Go ahead, pamper yourself and show some self-love.

Love yourself
Love yourself

Here are few ways to let your hair down:

  1. Detoxify and relax with a cup of Mulethi tea. Do you know that Mulethi helps in boosting immunity, easing out stomach pain, healing skin pigmentation and acne, treating sore throat? It tastes awesome too. Out of all green teas, I love Mulethi because of it's refreshing taste.

  2. Go for a home spa. Use some massaging oils, aromatic bath bombs or bath salts and relax in a bubble bath.

  3. Write down in a journal. Let your thoughts flow. Write just for the sake of clearing your mind. 

  4. If green tea isn't your style, enjoy any of your favorite drink that helps you relax. Tea? Coffee? Go for it!

  5. Grab your favorite book or a motivational book if you need a boost and forget reality. Lose yourself in reading.

  6. Hide yourself in a fluffy blanket where no one can find you. Enjoy the fluffiness and take a nap.

  7. Wear a onesie as an armor against stress.

  8. Cuddle up with your favorite childhood fluffy thingie. Okay , I will stop here with the floof. I just can't get enough of the fluffiness.

  9. Let go of your diet rules and indulge in that delicious food you have been craving for. One cheat is allowed! Chocolates? Cake? Pizza? Go for it!

  10. Try some aroma therapy. Use essential oils, scented candles or diffusers and let the aroma fill your senses and clear your mind.

What do you do to pamper yourself?



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