Wardrobe Organization And Storage Made Easy

As promised in my previous post Wardrobe challenge - 221 outfits and counting!, I am here to share organizing tips that will make it easier to manage your Wardrobe.

Wardrobe organizing
Wardrobe organizing

Have you heard of the Konmari technique? It's a de-cluttering technique which is coined by Mari Kondo in her best seller book "The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up". I am planning to post more about it soon, but for now I will just talk about the wardrobe folding and organizing mentioned in the book.

If you have enough space to hang all of your clothes, then you can use those collapsible wardrobe storage units. They are multipurpose and can be used to store both folded and hanged clothes.

Collapsible wardrobe hanger : This can be used to hold folded clothes in that extra space in hanging section.

If you don't have enough space, then you won't have any other option than folding your clothes. But the problem is some are not visible, some stay behind, folding may take up lot of space if it's not done properly. This is where Marie Kondo's folding technique comes in to picture. Folding should be done by following the below steps:

1. All clothes must be visible - that's how you use everything you own.
2. They must be folded such that they take up less space(see the video).
3. Place the clothes vertically such that they stand by their own and take up very little space.

If you have more space left in the rack, then you can use under shelf racks to store small things like wallet, glasses etc.

Divide wardrobe in to categories and organize them as per the category. Not every style of organizing will suit all the categories.
You don't have to fold all those scarves, ties and trousers. You can simply hang them by using just one multipurpose hanger that can support multiple things.

Trousers hangers:

Scarves hangers:

Tie hangers:

Handbags organizer:

Socks/kerchief/small clothes organizer:

For those inner wear that take up all the space and get cluttered even though they are tiny, use drawers that have multiple compartments that keeps each item in one pocket.

And now for those expensive sarees and lehengas that have less utility, storage becomes crucial. They need to be stored properly so that their silk and heavy work isn't damaged. Proper cloth bags with a transparent window to see what's stored inside are apt for this.

Jewellery is the most neglected category. We always tend to wear those that can be seen in the front. Other things get ignored all the time. Make them all to stay visible just like how we have done with wardrobe.

Jewellery organizers:

Hope you liked these storage and organizing tips :)



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