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show up
Show up

"You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of success is found in your daily routine."

Show up? What does that mean?
Show up without fail at whatever matters to you the most. You don't break the consistency even if the world is ending.
We all know this right? But we fail to show up.

I knew this too, but the moment when I magically realized their meaning is when my stalker said these words - show up.
At the expense of sounding pretentious, I am going to tell you this story that happened almost 3 years back. There was a guy at work who instead of casually starting a conversation with me, took the path of stalking me everyday - like everywhere in office.  I gave him enough warnings and finally gave him the ultimatum that I will have to report to the HR. That's when he said these magical words. He said how he lost lot of weight by 'showing up' everyday in gym. At this point, I was thinking - 'ok,cool, but what's the point?'. Then he said that - that's what he did in every aspect - show up. And that's what he did in my case - show up everyday in front of me.

Showing up everyday in such way is called stalking. So, no, don't do that.

Somehow, I never forgot those words. Show up.

If you want to get better at something, show up.
If you want to improve your relationship, show up.
If you want to improve your health, show up.

You can choose from infinite set of things to show up to achieve what you want.

  • You want to be a great singer someday? Then show up. Do something. Participate in contests, have your own band, start a YouTube channel. Show up. Make yourself visible. 
  • Someone is important to you? Then show up for them. Be there when they need you. 
  • You know someone is being very unreasonable or rude and you are hesitant to say anything? Show up for yourself and speak up.
  • If you are thinking "Someday, I want to...", then make a commitment and start showing up from today.

You know why we don't do this?

  • Because it looks boring.Most of the successful people's success looks awesome, but they have consistent routines behind it. They do things everyday repetitively. They made things important to them as part of their everyday routine.Be very boring in this case. Do it repetitively. Stick to it. Do not break your consistency record. 
  • Because you don't see any quick results. You need lot of patience for this. Bamboo tree seeds take about 5 years just to sprout, but then they grow very tall overnight. It may look like overnight success, but it's 5 years of persistence.

That's the magic of habits. They can be tiny - so tiny that even you can't say no. For example, if reading 30 pages everyday is too much for you, then start with a page everyday. Just one page. A tiny habit to show up to. Soon, you will build the momentum and get the ball rolling.

I really thought of skipping posting today. I am very sick and I have lot of work to do.
But I showed up :)



  1. Great lesson, but I was waiting for you to say you ended up with the stalker lol

  2. Love this and hownyou turned a negative situation into a positive life lesson. By your showing up, you helping others to as well. Xoxo

  3. It's all about mental clarity and staying focused. I loved how you talked about this because it is so true and effective! Thank you! <3

  4. I love how you turned the stalkers words into a positive! But LOL at the comment above mine!

  5. Love this post! And love your last sentence - I couldn't stop smiling! Haha.


  6. It is kind of like you can't win if you don't play. You have to be there for it, show up.

  7. Thanks for this. Showing up gets exhausting, which is why you've gotta choose the things that are worth the time.

    Alex J Brown

  8. Great post. For some, not speaking up or getting too involved can be good too. I know for me, if I showed up for everything a lot of people would feel my wrath, lol.

  9. I love this post and t's so true. It's important to stay focused!

  10. I've got a lot of respect for you taking something negative in a stalker and applying it positively to your own life. And you're 100% right, there are so many projects I have half started or not started at all. I'll be showing up! Just not stalking anyone :p

  11. Love this quote - "If you want to improve your health, show up." I believe that is very true!

  12. Is it terrible that I want to know what happened to your stalker? Did he ever figure out that just showing up in someone's personal space might not quite be the right relationship approach?

  13. You are absolutely right. If you want to see results (or a big change) then you have to commit to showing up so you can reach your bigger goals. This is a great push for me.
    But, I am sorry to hear about that stalker in your office. Some people really do take things to far and need to practice self control.

  14. You showed up yourself despite the fact that you were sick.Yes,routines are boring but yields successful results in the long run.Hence,it is better to show up.

  15. Your article has stricken some memories of my own. It's incredible how you turned your negative experience to a positive attribute. You know what it takes to become successful. :)


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