Mini and mini-est challenges : Outfit and Selfie

Mini challenge
Confused kitty

I know, I just posted the 30 day challenge 2 days back and now this!

This is an easy challenge and probably not even eligible for the challenge-club. Also this challenge doesn't last for 30 days. The number of days it lasts depends on........the number of outfits or combo of outfits you own and you can wear. Also this mini challenge comes with it's own mini-est challenge: the selfie challenge. 

In general, I post a challenge only after achieving it, but this was never ending for me as I have loads of clothes. So I am posting it while I am still implementing this challenge.

  • Do not repeat any outfit unless you have run out of all your outfits.This doesn't include jeans/slacks/trousers which are pretty common for all tops. So it's kind of not repeating the combo.
  • Take a selfie in each outfit: this is mini-est challenge.
Before all the guys think that this challenge isn't for you, do scan your wardrobe once and see how many clothes you haven't used from a long time. It's about time for you to wear that floral shirt which you bought in Goa!

Why you should take this challenge:
  • To use all your clothes instead of repeating those same 5 items out of 100 items.
  • To find which ones look shabby or unwearable and discard them.
  • To realize how many clothes you already own and to stop buying more.
  • Selfie helps you keep track of the outfits and also even your face. I get to see how your face changes everyday. Also this helps in keeping track of accessories you are wearing for that outfit, so that you can brainstorm once and repeat the selfie all other times.
  • To realize which kind of outfits suit you well.
  • To keep track of awesome clothes which you generally never find on a special occasion.
  • To demote some outfits to home wear only.
  • To use your rarely used accessories.
  • For fun.

  • Choose all outfits and matching accessories along with inner wear for the complete week on Sunday(or any other day in the week when you are free).Batching all decisions in one go helps you get rid of all the time we waste in front of wardrobe everyday.
  • Add each selfie in Google Keep and write down tips/notes you want to remember for that outfit. For example, alter a top sleeves, buy matching earrings, buy palazzos for a top etc.
  • Keep already worn clothes separately, so that you don't get confused. If your shelf doesn't have enough space, keep a separate buffer shelf where you can keep these clothes.
  • Check how you look and even take opinion from friends, if you need to retire an old or tight outfit. And do it, discard it- either donate it or recycle for some DIY or throw it away. Don't keep your wardrobe cluttered with unnecessary clothes. Do this immediately, keep them aside, before you retain them out of sentimentality.

Take up this challenge and have some fun ;)



  1. This is actually a pretty neat challenge- I totally wear the same 5-8 things every single day.

  2. Great way to get people m,motivated to try some new pairings rather than their same old go-tos.

    xoxo Christie

  3. Now there's a challenge! Might help me to sort out the items I really don;t wear and make me get rid of some of the clothes languishing in the bottom of my drawer!

    Enjoy the journey!

  4. I like your hilarious post. You've got good humour. And, thanks for the challenge...I'm inspired to try it out.

  5. Actually this might work as a challenge. I definitely would be conscious of how many outfits I took pics in. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love the idea for this challenge! In my own closet, I've been working for the past couple of years to really streamline and simplify what I own, and I've seen so many benefits... easier on the budget, simpler routine in the morning, and more focus on the items I truly love to wear!


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