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Know Thyself - Who Are You?

Who are you?

If we go down the philosophy road, this question will just make us depressed.

Waitbutwhydeals with this question in a more practical sense - are you your body, brain, cells, "soul". It's an amazing article and deals with trippy thoughts like - What will happen if you donate half of your brain to someone, is that other person you? What if you can teleport, are you dying as you are disintegrated at place A and is the cloned person at place B just an impostor? What if the teleporting machine is defective and doesn't disintegrate you at place A, would you rather die, as your clone is at place B? What if 90% of your cells are replaced, are you still you? It's concluded by saying that it's more about continuity of you and we are more like a database whose contents are constantly being updated.

I have recently read the book Dark Matter, in which every choice of a decision forks the universe and hence there can be infinite parallel universes - the one whe…

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