The Gods - A Short Story

The Gods - A Short Story
The Gods - A Short Story


We have chosen to let the humans live for longer, after all it's turning out to be a very fascinating experiment for our researchers. They have ignored our instructions and developed a mind of their own. When Sir Noel Lugar had architected their project back then, he took careful steps to provide the humans with all the instructions they would ever need. He got them all documented over several years by several experts in detailed instruction files.

But something crazy happened after several human generations passed over and someone started a rumor that the instructions were just dogma written by themselves! They wanted proof that we, their creators, existed - the audacity! Those little creatures want us to show up to them as they keep dying every single fraction of second. They think they are smart by creating their own little uglier creatures that can barely do anything. They fail to notice everything around them and the fact that something of that stupendous magnitude of beauty can't evolve itself without a marvelously designed core.

They have led themselves into utter chaos by developing a thinking capability. What they fail to understand is that their little human brains would never be able to fathom the origin of their own world, let alone the origin of everything. They keep expanding their learning about everything over every generation, yet they are so lost. The problem is they have a fixed mindset and they chase the wrong things. This is why even after several evolution stages, they remain so ignorant.

This project was long forgotten, till Sir Noel's 50th generation started digging up into their family roots and history. It took them their entire lifetime to crawl through all our infinite information and extract a collection of their ancestors lives. It was only by fluke that they stumbled upon this project out of many of Sir Noel's. And when they calculated the coordinates, they could find a giant expanding ecosystem about a million billion light years away to the south. It was really beyond recognition, but they could find Sir Noel's signature architecture style everywhere in it. He was interested in creating - what he called - living beings with their own free will. He created several, before perfecting his craft and finally seeded the living beings on a small segment what he called Earth. We found that it took several loops for this human to be what he is today, there are several other species too on this Earth, but none of them have been evolving so much as a man in thinking.

Maniac leaders and ignorant folks have protested and paraded to destroy this ecosystem, so that it doesn't become a threat to us! They think that they will evolve so much that they will attack and take over us, despite the blaring evidence of how much little evolution happened in all those millions of cycles. The conspiracy theorists have been at their work - weaving wild stories that Sir Noel has actually created them to exactly do that - to see if his creatures could take over ourselves! Creatures taking over the creator - they don't see the absurdity of it. They point to their exponential growth, but that's just how everything grows and evolves.

A public voting finally tipped the scale only by a little to not destroy the project. Some of us are stupidly kind that they just don't want to destroy any of these living beings and so they have voted to keep it around. We are now observing them, but not much happens, it's very boring literally for the non-academic. Even after days together, which is like years for them, nothing much happens. And to think that such insignificant creatures can challenge us, is the most stupidest thing to say. All they do is fly their teeny tiny metal pods into a considerable height - that it escapes their external layer called atmosphere needed for their sustenance. This little feat - humans consider as their biggest achievement!

We wait, for Sir Noel's creatures to show their worth - probably, forever.


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