25 Ways To Celebrate New Year - Away From The Crowd

In another 10 days, people are going to flood the streets, restaurants, dance floors, bars, parks, theaters, resorts, concerts, tourism places, temples, churches and every other corner of the earth for New Year's Eve. Enjoying the day among the crowd may or may not end well - there may be waiting despite all the pre-bookings, noise, pushing through a hell out of people.

New year celebration away from crowd
New year celebration away from crowd

Here are a few ways to celebrate new year, away from the crowd:
  1. Gather up your closest friends and family for a house party.
  2. Run a movie marathon till the countdown.
  3. Make your room dance floor with disco light bulb and music.
  4. Booze on your own sofa - a drinking game where every time "new year" is said on TV.
  5. Prepare your new journal/planner for the new year.
  6. Make a bucket list for the new year.
  7. Light up candles, play light music and shut down the world to just read a book or talk to your partner over a candle light dinner in your own house.
  8. Watch sunrise as a way for new beginning from balcony/terrace when all the midnight celebrations and the noise have died down and there's only silence.
  9. Indulge in your hobby and just enjoy the holiday time.
  10. Give yourself a makeover if you feel the need for a change in new year.
  11. Cook a three coursed meal and may be more,if you enjoy cooking.
  12. Bring everyone's favorite food home and be the rockstar - food bringer and especially favorite food bringer is always loved by everyone.
  13. Conference call or just call up your distant friends and family for catching up with them and getting nostalgic.
  14. Let the bridges burn or fall with people over time, but want to re-build the relationships? New year is the best opportunity to call them up, after all you have an excuse to wish them!
  15. Review your year and reminisce all the memories.
  16. Have a backyard bonfire and gather around with your closed ones, as you stay warm in the winter.
  17. Karaoke night - there are too many options for this over internet.
  18. Start a new "new year tradition" this year - could be silly like posing for a weird photo every new year or starting a happiness jar where you can add a chit with your happy moments all through the year.
  19. Board games can get really intense sometimes.
  20. Pamper yourself or Treat yo self like Tom and Donna from Parks and Recreation - don't hesitate and just let yourself have that little luxury of going through some experience or buying yourself something nice.
  21. Snuggle up in your fluffy blanket and just browse through silly cat videos or memes.
  22. Write your future self a letter from furtureme site - to be received from one year now.
  23. Listen up to all your favorite songs/music.
  24. Use all the things which you have been saving up for a special day - candles, balloons, lights, etc. Today is special.
  25. Don't like to make a big deal out of a day or tired of living it to the hype? Just make it your everyday by sticking to the routine or do whatever it is you want to do - be it taking a nap, you do you!


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