The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde - Book Summary and Review

"The Canterville Ghost" is a novella by Oscar Wilde. I was looking for some scary story on a dark night. But what I found was a fun story about a ghost!

Just when I was questioning the actions and motives of ghosts, this book happened to me. What's the point in simply haunting and scaring people? Why can't they just kill? But then how different are they from your good old serial killers?

The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde
The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde


Sir Simon is a ghost who has been haunting Canterville Chase since more than three centuries. He does what a ghost does - haunt and scare.

But things become weird when an American family comes to live in the place. Sir Simon is insulted and never taken seriously by the rude American family. The twins of the family bother him all the time by playing pranks on Sir Simon. The response for the dramatic scary antics pulled off by him are practical solutions given by the family. For example, the family offers lubricator oil for scary clanking noises of Sir Simon's chains and stain remover for blood stains on carpet.

Poor thing just wants to haunt and scare people. Is it too much to ask people to be scared of him to death?

Next time a ghost haunts your house, just give it some space. They are just trying to be roomies with you. Respect their scary-ness - at least pretend to be scared. Don't hurt their sentiments. Ghosts have feelings too.


I expected scares, but found something better - humor. Centuries old English ghost dealing with Americans makes you feel pity for the ghost. This reminded me of imagining your worst fears in a funny way in Harry Potter.

This book is just a couple of hours fun read.

Rating : 3/5



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