How To Stay Energetic Through Out The Day

You can schedule your day into 15 minute slots like Elon Musk, but you wont be productive if you are exhausted and your body screams for rest or a nap.

Your energy is limited and mostly wanes as day progresses. Some people get a surge of energy in the night. Know your energy levels and track it. Do the important things when you have high energy. When you have low energy, do chores or run errands, so that your weekends are completely freed up and you can do something useful then.

How to Stay Energetic
How to Stay Energetic


Without getting this right, it's almost impossible to stay energetic. Last week's post was all about getting those extra Zs - How to Sleep Better


  • Iron, vitamin B12, vitamin D, Magnesium are crucial for energy. If you are a vegetarian or vegan and short on B12, you may have to get a supplement after consulting with a doctor. Same thing applies for vitamin D, if you can't get enough Sun. Leafy vegetables are a good source for Iron and a lemon honey drink will do for Magnesium.
  • Water. Drinking water has too many benefits. Being dehydrated not only brings down the energy levels, but also gets you headaches.
  • Eat whole grains that have more fiber - slow absorption into body and constant energy packets instead of a spike and slump. Same with any foods with low glycemic index.
  • Vegetables and fruits - energy with natural sugar.
  • Cut down caffeine, soda, processed foods, alcohol, cigarettes and sugar. 
  • Get those omega-3 rich foods - walnuts, flax seeds etc.
  • Egg - it has many nutrients needed for the body.

Physical Activity:

  • Too intense activity may completely drain you. But an activity that suits your body will actually make you energetic.
  • If you can't exercise, go for a walk/run
  • Do something fun - play badminton/cricket, go for cycling etc.


  • Get some rest if you are exhausted instead of grabbing yet another cup of coffee. Nap.
  • Take breaks from the monotonous routine. Do something new. Anticipation rush is a thing and it does boost energy. All work and no play makes Jack dull.
  • Do your favorite activities which you have set aside because of your busy schedule. Make time for them. Happiness is worth all the time and the energy boost you get because of them will help you focus better on other important, but boring stuff.

External Factors:

  • Music: You must have noticed the energy boost when you are running yourself to death on a treadmill and the music plays out loud in the gym. It's not just during exercise, you can include it at other times too. Have your favorite playlist of happy songs. If songs interfere with your work mode, you can use instrumental or a different language song as background score.
  • Hang out less with negative/toxic people. That one snide remark from a colleague will ruin the rest of the day.
  • Hang out more with positive people. Most probably they are your family or friends who understand you and support you in whatever silly activity you do.
  • Clean organized surroundings : physical clutter creeps into mind very easily.
  • Cold showers in the morning, if you can.
  • Fix those nagging issues that's been on your mind since ages. Don't let them worry you all the time, work towards them though.
  • Do not overwhelm yourself with everything. One step at a time.


  • Rule out thyroid problems and anemia if you are constantly feeling low.
  • Gut, the so called Second Brain: Hunger. Acidity. Bloated tummy. These make you not just uncomfortable, but drain your energy too.
    • Check for lactose intolerance or gluten allergies.
    • Eat clean- veggies and fruits. Oil and fat food makes you feel lethargic.
    • Water. I know we already talked about it. From gut perspective,  you need water for better digestion and poop well.
    • Get sleep. Yep, again. Without sleep, your metabolism suffers.
    • If you have a poor digestive system, then cook instead of consuming raw food. Soak rice and lentils for more time.
    • Drinking warm water aids digestion.
  • If you have done everything and if you still feel low, get yourself checked if you are in depression.
  • Chronic disorder/pain: If you are constantly suffering from something and it's always on your mind, then you better find a cure for it. 

May the Energy be with you :)


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