How To Be Cool - 25 Proven Ways!

Being cool is no easy feat. But with some practice, you will soon be the "cool"est person ever walked on this Earth.

How to be COOL
How to be COOL

  1.  Act like you don't care about anything or anyone - be indifferent to everything around you. Don't get excited about ice creams/crush and depressed about Mondays/boss. Treat them all with the same stoicism and aloofness. Be the Budha.
  2. Speak as less as possible - this way when you say some stupid word like "dope", "swag", "yolo", people will pay attention to it.
  3. Style your clothes in a way that it will set a new trend. Wear skirts as tops(not kidding, see Youtube), lungis as skirts(Zara) or scarves..whatever suits your style statement. Long beard - even if its uncomfortable and hot. Your imagination is the limit.
  4. Approaching your crush in a sensible way is old style - healthy communication is for losers. Instead make your crush feel your presence and aura by stalking them a little bit. Stare for the optimum time - not too much that will make you seem like a "despo"("desperate",for people who aren't aware of cool lingo) and not too less that will make you get ignored.
  5. Being cool is not always just being cool, sometimes it takes efforts. But you got to make it look easy for the world. To achieve this feat, you may sometimes need to go to even extreme extents. For example, if you were a vampire, then you would need to climb this tall tree and then "chill" there - because that's how legit sparkling vampires chill.
  6. Instagram - selfie while donating to homeless people, captions that have nothing to do with the actual pics, "I wake up like this-flawless" etc
  7. Transform you awkwardness to awesomeness. Fell over? Make it look like an intentional quick nap.
  8. Ask people not to label you with gender, profession, etc - you are an abstract entity. May be "cool" label is fine.
  9. Be rude to people. That makes you more likeable.
  10. In the name of sarcasm, put down people all the time. Be savage. Have no chill.
  11. Carry a guitar everywhere- you don't have to play. Your charisma just increases by 2000% just by holding a guitar.
  12. Act like an expert even if you know anything. Use your BS'ing skills at exams here.
  13. You just cant like the same mainstream things which the crowd likes. You have to be different - a hipster. Hate that movie which everybody likes for no reason at all.
  14. Practice that "I'm staring into space to look like I'm lost in some trance of a philosophical thought" look.
  15. Don't laugh. Laughing is for stupid people and makes you look stupid. Have a stoic face - poker face with the lost in trance look.
  16. Don't cry. Crying is for cry babies. Cool people move on.(Did you not see those fasttrack ads?)
  17. Drugs. You are that genius who performs like Davinci when on drugs. Sherlock, Dr.House, Arjun Reddy - everybody has an addiction. So you must too.
  18. Tell people that you don't care about money, all you care about is values.
  19. Be a banjara/nomad. Cool people don't get domesticated. They make the nature their adobe.
  20. Dive into a dangerous river/lake. Wear no helmet - it ruins your hair. You must love the danger even if it means losing your life. People just don't understand the thrill of danger compared to puny life.
  21. Don't plan anything. After all, you are a spontaneous person going wherever your heart takes you. You don't take notes or plan your career like a nerd.
  22. Tattoos in a different language - Sanskrit or even Chinese. It may just mean - "pick laundry", but nobody knows and they will think that it summarizes the meaning of life.
  23. Every time someone talks about their little achievement, tell them how you did better than that when you were a kid.
  24. Practice half smile like shown in movies. You need to flash that smile once in a blood moon.
  25. Wear sunglasses all the time - even in front of your laptop. Gotta protect those cool eyes.
Stay cool till the next post.


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