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I thought of posting yet another OWL(Open When Letter) today for punishing readers(Hi Mom! - JK, my mom also doesn't read my blog) for making me wake up early on a Friday. But then I decided to write something more traumatizing than OWL. So here we go.

  • Reggae Shark is stuck in my brain since yesterday. Reggae Shark is awesome. 

  • Puranapool(Hyderabad) is full of burial grounds.
  • India and Madagascar were once neighbors(as part of Gondwana super-continent) and now we are about 5000 plus KMs away. 
  • I knew Dan Brown would make a mystery out of anything when I read about a secret code which was introduced to me by my friend for passing confidential info(jokes on the lecturer) in class.
  • You can read any book at office if you can copy small snippets of it as code comments in your IDE. Just move and switch tabs occasionally ,otherwise it looks suspicious that someone is reading code comments all day long.
  • Lemon Tree song makes me cry - nostalgia. Same with Tanha Dil.
  • If we invent teleportation, travel industry(bus, train, flight, cabs), courier services, distributors, wholesale and retail people will all go bankrupt.
  • You can name your business just by clubbing an adjective(an emotion,preferrably positive or at least neutral or an action) and an animal - happy panda , crazy cat, fab chimp, hungry hamster, tired turtle etc.
  • I am like the Sun, we keep imposing our stuff on to people(sunlight and blog posts), though sunlight is crucial for all the are not exactly the same.
  • My manager's favorite sentence is "What's your gut feel estimate?" and it annoys the entire team. Gut is considered as second brain(it has it's own autonomous nervous system), so he is asking us to use our secondary brain - no wonder why we never meet deadlines.

See you next week - probably with an OWL. JK. Or not. 😈


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