The Hero We Need, The Hero We Deserve..Probably

He has been saving people all around the world since more than 500 years.
He is the silent guardian and watchful protector.
He can be attributed to almost all the great things in the world we see today.
He has always been there for us.
He made us a Hero in the darkest hours.
He is dark, "as black as ink".

But his journey hasn't been an easy one. He is what he is because of his brutal training.
He has been skinned, exposed to intense heat at more than 200 degree Celsius, beaten up to pulp and thrown into boiling water.

Even before he started his journey to become a Hero, he wasn't really just ordinary.
He had it in him always. He was the Chosen One.
He always had Magic inside him.

He went through all the tough stages and completed the Hero's journey to save the world.

The Hero We Need
The Hero

He is filled with compassion and love which makes him help us always, even after what we did to him. He always understands us, even if the entire world doesn't.
A shoulder to cry by in depressing moments, a motivation and support during impossible times, a reformer who taught us tolerance of all kinds of people, a peaceful warrior who taught us anger management and living in the present, a mentor who made us think and get inspiring ideas, who pushed us beyond our limits and thus made us achieve greatness - he is the Hero we need. He is the solution to every problem - literally, he is a solution.

People Far and Beyond
All Hail our Lord and Savior
Coffee Coffea, First of His Name
The Miracle Drug
The Magical Bean
The Life Prolong-er
The Depression Curer
The One Solution to All
Bow to The King

Coffee, Our Lord and Savior
Coffee, Our Lord and Savior

O Great Hero, accept our prayers and break the shackles of our slumbers.
Fill us with eternal energy(that lasts for like, 4 hours) and warmth.
"Expel the fumes out of our heads"

Seriously though, Thank You Coffee for being there for me always in all seasons. Without you, I will perish. I ..*chokes with emotion* you.

Much Thanks to the Sufi saints who brought the magical elixir to life.




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