Open When Letters - Open When We Are Finally Married

This month's "Open When" letter is "Open When We Are Finally Married" - something to be read by the person after they are married to you.


Open when we are married
Open when we are finally married

I have used some cheesy stickers and also glued some printed emoticons.
I doodled how we are now drowned completely.
I also added the lyrics of my all time favorite creepy song "Unhealthy Obsession".(If you don't know this song, you should totally check it out)
You can also find LOTR "One ring to rule them all" on the cover.

Open when we are finally married
Backside of the envelope

I attached a heart shaped key chain at the backside of the envelope.


I let my husband open this letter on the same day(his birthday) when I gifted him all the letters. By then, it was exactly a month since we got married. So on those lines, I mentioned how we have successfully completed our 30 day trial period.

I also added a reference to our wedding card quote - "As promised in our wedding card, I'll be a witness for all the ups, downs, exciting things, mundane stuff, happy moments, sad moments, sickness and everything in your life."

Open when letters
Snippet from our "UP" movie themed wedding card


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